Land. Lord!
Saturday, November 13, 2010

I bought an appartment 1,5 year ago and my intentions were to stay and live there, on my own for a few years. Little did I know that I would get pregnant in two shakes and be living together with J in a blink of an eye. So I put an ad on the internet, had 40 people expressing their interest and I had 6 people coming in this morning but had one no-show and one who had to work but called and let me know that she wanted to rent it without seeing it. Nigga whut?

There was this nice young, normal looking couple, the guy had studied Communication just like I did and the girl worked for the government. There was another younger couple that were still in school, girl at the art academy and the boy... I can't remember. Then some weird-looking older dude. And two girl students who were a bit redneck.

I think I'll go with the first couple. They seemed really nice and for some reason if someone has studied the same thing as I have I kinda dig them even if I don't really know them. So, if all goes well I will have tenants in a few weeks and more cash coming in that I can spend on my baby!



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