Friday, October 22, 2010

I went to the movies (a Dutch one! It was beautiful) yesterday with my fake mom. I went to the movies (A Thai one! It was weird) again with my best friend Oliver. He went home with me to drink a beer and I had a tea. Then he went to hang at a friend's place and now it's 11 pm and I'm sitting here. I must admit it's pretty damn boring.

We went to take a look at a birth hotel today, we went to see another a few weeks ago and while this hospital has a much better vibe, it's smaller and it feels nice. I don't get the dead people vibe over there. But, the other place has a BATH and I'd really like to give birth in a bath and/or chill out between contractions. J likes the smaller hospital better but, of course, it's up to me.

I guess I have some time left to decide! And take a look at giving-birth-in-bath sites.

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