Moving on
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess I'm not the only one who's moving on. Some friends told me they ran into B at a party, with a new girlfriend. And, she looks just like me! Weird huh? Karolyn asked if she was his new GF, and he said not really, just a fling right in front of the girl. That's not so nice. And then he asked her what she thought about Jerome (my new squeeze) and went psycho on her and started a monologue about how bad he is for me and what a bad decision I'm making to be with this guy. Pfff.

I'm glad he's found someone, 'cause with his mom being sick and all, he really needs a mate. But does it has to be someone who looks like me?? And there's one thing I am jealous of, and that's the fact that she is now the girl who hangs out with his friends. I really miss hanging out and dicking around with his friends. But our town's small and I run into them quite often so I guess I have to just let it go.

Meanwhile, I broke into hives last weekend. I played with Sandy's kid on Saturday and he had lots of skin issues , so my doc says it could be from him. Or it could be something else. So I'm working from home for two days and will not see Jerome 'till my skin's cleared up some more. Ugh. I hate staying in!



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