My weekend...
Sunday, January 24, 2010

I went to see this Dutch rock band on Friday with B and B's parents. It was fun but we had seats and that's a bit boooo-ring! Plus it was at a little bit fancy theatre so we couldn't DRINK. What fun is a concert when you can't throw some beers around??

Went to see a Dutch movie with my granny (she heard that it was good and wanted to go, my granny's pretty cool if I do say so myself) and mom about a man whose woman has cancer, he has lots of affairs to deal with it and she euthinizes herself in the end. They had a daughter and I cried. I told B he shouldn't go, well, only if he's in the mood for 90 minutes of bawling.

Karolyn celebrated her B-day Friday, I think she's mad at me or something but I don't know why, exactly. Oh was a nice B-day!

B and I had sushi for lunch and we talked about kid's names, yay!

Went to visit a friend with my fake mother and had dinner and wine and lots and lots of great conversations. I love all girl evenings! Unfortunately I had to drive back so the other's were drunk talking while I was just stone cold sober. Hate that;-)

I took down my Christmas tree. You see, letting go is not my forte. It's one of the reasons B and I are still together, ha!

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