Tumors, Schnee and TGIF!
Friday, December 18, 2009

A John pic, since I'm still grieving over the divorce;-)

I'm working from home today, due to the snow. It's great! I have a few stuff I really have to finish but after that, I have a 4-day weekend! After that 2 days of work, on Wednesday and Thursday, and Wednesday should be fun 'cause my partner in work-related crime and I are gonna celebrate our results after work, with a bunch of other people if they wanna come. Yay! We've won 2 big tenders in the last few months and that's really great considering the economy and the fact that we just begun working at this firm and have zero experience in this field. We have lots of fun together so it makes it extra special that we can also have great results.

Went to the neurosurgeon yesterday, with my uncle. He has to have the tumor removed at another hospital, so we have to wait 'till they contact us and then they'll get it out. The good part is that the tumor is quite far away from his motoric and speech areas so he thinks they can get 100% of the thing out of his head.

Went to Austria with my granny, mom, uncle, aunt and brother last weekend. We had a blast! We went sleighing and shopping in Salzburg and had an alround lovely time. I have pics but B has got the cable so I'll post whenever they're on my disk. Have a great Friday!

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