Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A random pic of Joe Gordon! totally dug 500 days of Summer. It had cute, believable actors, nice graphic effects and it's a realistic love story... I say go see!

After this, a rant about my mom. Ugh. ;-)

My mom has been having really foul moods for the last 6 months or longer and it's beginning to freak me out. It's really a grave's atmosphere in her and her boyfriend's house, my mom lies in bed, watching tv and her bf's sitting downstairs watching soccer games or something. There is NO LOVE out there. We don't hang out that often either, I don't know we just kind of drifted apart after her second divorce and her acting all weird. I was in uni at the time, so while I did my best to comfort her I had to choose me and not let me get sucked in like I did after she divorced my dad.

Last weekend I had to pick her up, cause it was snowing and she went by tram. After she got in me car she told me she had to swing by her brother, my uncle who's just a lost case (a sweet one, but lost) and she had to give him some money. That was fine by me. When we gave him some dough she asked me to swing by another uncle to give him some Christmas cake. I said no, 'cause we were all over the place with all the ice on the road and I didn't like to drive when it's a damn slip 'n slide out there. So, I told her that and she told me she didn't like to drive either and then I asked, if she didn't want to drive herself in this weather, why was she making me drive all over town?! Sjeesj.

That afternoon we were sewing my drapes at her place and she started to cry and tell me how she couldn't take it anymore and that she just wanted peace and nobody to bother her. We have quite a big family, and while some are very succesful, businessmen, pilots, athletics and entrepeneurs, some of the members are the exact opposite. And lots of people ask my mom for favors, and it has been that way all my life. My dad has always said my mom let her own family come before our family.

So when she started wailing I told her people keep asking her to do stuff for her 'cause she's been doing them all her life without letting them know her boundaries. I told her that nobody could smell she wasn't up for running their darn errands, and that she should tell them she couldn't/wouldn't do them and why. And then she told me she never asks anybody for anything and that she doesn't understand why other people do. Of course I told her that she asked me to drive in the snow and ice to two uncles, while it's unsafe and not a pleasure at all to drive that morning. And that if I hadn't told her I wouldn't do it, she wouldn't have known and therefore she should TELL people what's on her mind.

You know what she said: "But this was just an incident, I never ask you to do anything for me"
Woman? Nevermind.

I guess that makes me miss my dad even more.



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