Oh Baby, where art thou?
Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've been off the pill for a few months now (three) and nothing happens. I wonder how long this'll take? I'm certainly not spastic about the whole baby thing but I am curious, after years and years and years of preventing the seed to dig in, how long will it take to hit the jackpot? It's in God's hands I suppose and I'm always very calm in you know, God's hands situations.

But I'm just so impatient!! :-D

A little conversation at B's parents, just to illustrate what I have to go through week after week, month after month. We were watching a tv show where a white lady acts like a black lady from Curacao and interviews other "celebrities". She has a body suit and is very well make-upped.

B's Dad: Wow, do you think you would see it if she came up to you and talked to you?

B's Mom: Well, I think I wouldn't see it, 'cause all those real black women are soooo ugly!

B's Dad: Yeah, but lots of white women are ugly too, you have ugly women in every race.

B's Mom: Yeah but the black women are really ugly!

B's Dad: Well, I think Catlin's a really beautiful girl.

B: But Cat's not a negro?!

WTF?! I can't tell you the degrees in which I have a really weird mix of love and LOATHING for my in-laws. In all these years I've come to like and love them but shhh, these people are such JACKASSES! I think it's my punishment for being such a bitch sometimes.

There, I've said it and I feel so much better now. Have a nice weekend!

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