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Friday, October 2, 2009

Cris had a first date this week with a guy who has one hand. He lost the other one when he was 15, at new year's eve. Out here we have a lot of illegal fireworks and lots a young kids get wounded by makeshift bombs.

"He's a nice boy and all" she said. "But I just can't get over the HAND!!!"

I don't know, I thought it was kinda intimidating, in a good way. It seems that a guy with one hand could be more interesting than one with both. But that's probably bullshit, what do I know?

I always found amputated limbs intruiging, when I was 16 I made an art class assignment about an amputated Asian guy, 'Chino, the amputated motherfucker'. It was a comic book about an alcoholic teenager with one arm and one leg who spent his days getting booze from the liquor store and sleeping with his mom.

Hahaha, the humor I had in high school has stuck with me!!! :-D

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