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Thursday, October 8, 2009

B and I went to the beach today, well not in bikinis since it's October in froggity country but just to eat some fish and hang around. We shopped a bit and B bought me a really nice vest. Kid's size. I'm very tiny and lately I've been buying a bit more kid's clothing. Fixing up the apartment is costing me serious dough so it's a good way to shop frugally!

B wanted to buy some clothes too but I guess he wasn´t up for it. His mom´s cancer tumor hasn´t shrunken after her last chemotherapy treatment so while it wasn´t bad news (it hasn´t grown!) it ain't good either. B's so down and I feel so so sorry. I hung out at his parents house all day yesterday, 'cause his mom helped sew my new curtains. They are so beautiful! Nothing special but I like them all the more.

B did try on a bodywarmer. It doesn't suit his form. It reminded me of a bodywarmer I had when I was preteen. I was a bit of a wild one so one day I was rolling around on the grass of a soccer field. When I stood up I smelled something awful and it turned out I had been rolling around in some dog's turd. I took off my bodywarmer and left it there, on the field I was in such a shock. B reminded me that last summer, I was playing with my hands in the sand- I always do that, digging thing while I'm at the beach- when I asked him, what is this??? It was a turd covered in sand.

Anyway, my contractor has given me all the receipts this evening after he finished the last piece of work, I have to give him 400 euros for the materials and he said I could make my own price for his labor. Nigga whut?! I don't know shit about the stuff he did, like putting in my kitchen or bathroom. He said I should think about it and that we'll talk about it later. He has daughters. Every guy who has daughters goes easy on me. Maybe 'cause I dress in KID's CLOTHES?! Djeez I'm such a fucker. ;)

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Hi girl! I'm blogging again at the blog that's linked... Filegirl is no more.

October 13, 2009 at 7:31 PM 

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