Tiles, kitchens and movies!
Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy busy busy with the new apartment! Went out to buy tiles for my new little bathroom today. The money's flying outta my pocket but it's all for a good cause.

We have to go to a barbecue at B'm Mum's house, and while I'm more into a nice evening with B, have some dinner and talk (Lord knows we need it!) we cannot say no to his mum since we found out she has cancer. Plus I had a late night with my girls yesterday so I'm pretty beat. Oh well....

I saw some nice movies, small and big!
Downloading Nancy was beautifully shot, nice flat colors that went superb with the unheimisch-ness of the story. It was a bit on the slow side and I really can't handle people like Nancy who are just so unhappy and don't do shit about it. But the actress and two actors are really convincing. If you like a good fucked up story about the lives of people, I'd say go see!

I also went to see The Hangover with Martin, we laughed our asses of for a good 2 hours! I wasn't expecting it to be this funny so it was great! I haven't seen a comedy as good as this one in lots and lots of years. :-D

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