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Monday, May 11, 2009

We had our first fight this weekend and it was about... me going out with my friends. He's jealous. Ugh. I'm not doing anything bad there, just dancing and drinking and hanging out. I work full time so I think I deserve a break on weekends. And it's not like I'm going out Thursday to Sunday, mostly it's just one weekend night. I was at my Mom's yesterday and I cried my eyes out. She was very understanding and told me I had to do what makes me happy. 'Cause it'll come back and bite me in the ass if I hold back on things I like to do for me. It's not weird that I am the way that I am 'cause my parents are so inidivualistic. B calls it egotistical but whatever.

I've had two job interviews this week and I didn't even apply. I was head hunted!!! First interview was with two young recruiters and they called me after a few hours to tell me they were very enthusiastic about me. And could I come in on Friday to meet the CEO? So I did, he was very nice, he told me he liked me to come work for them but I had to do an written assessment first. So Sunday afternoon I wrote my ass off to turn it in before 17.00. This morning I got an email saying he gave it a first glance and it looked good. Tomorrow at 8 am I have to give a presentation about it and then they'll make me an offer or not. Tomorrow in the late afternoon I have a job interview at another company, if this fails.

I hope I'll be victorious! I've been putting so much effort in finding a job, so I hope it'll pay off!



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