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Friday, May 1, 2009

Every year we celebrate our Queen mum's mum's birthday. The royal family visits a town or a village and all the kiddies get to perform and wave to the queen. It's all good, the night before there are parties in our center with life music and lots and lots and lots of beer. It's also my bf Ollie's B-day so it's double the fun for me always. This year I'd been packing in some more in the evening and on Queens day I moved out of my old house, so not a lot of partying for me this year. I turned out a really desperate soul has ruined our Queens day this year and jammed his car into the people who were waving at the Queen, killing 5 people. The driver, a Dutchman died in the hospital.

Ugh. Why do these things have to happen?

Today I cleaned out my old house, my Mom came in later to help me. Tomorrow we're gonna move some last small things and then next week the garbage people'll come pick up some old computers and an old bed and shit. I've moved in temporarily with B and while I'm enjoying his company a whole lot I cannot wait until my appartment is ready and mine. I was gonna go out tonight but I just tumbled out of the shower and I think I'm just gonna stay in. B's playing snooker so it's just me and the kitty cat!

Cris and I just hung up and she did a lot of partying yesterday, she was partyin so hard she had a nosebleed. Tomorrow night we're having dinner at her mom's house, she's making steak! Yay, I love these dinners, always just the three of us hanging out, gossiping, drinking and smoking. Love it!

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