Keith and his girls
Tuesday, May 26, 2009



I reeeeeally dig their hair but if I try to pull off this tousled bed hair, I look like a damn bag lady. And apart from all the heroin intake, he seems like a fun, loving dad. Which reminds me of my own Dad, who'll be flying in in July. I hope the appartment's ready!



Blogging is a very private thing for me, so while I'm living with B, I haven't been much of a blogger. I'm seriously contemplating my job (I'm gonna sign the contract the day after tomorrow, yay!!), my relationship (going on 6 years now and still lots of discontentment on both sides, when is this gonna be easier?! I'm freaking out! He's freaking out! We've been fighting every weekend since I've been here, now ain't that shitty?!), and stupid shit like what kind of kitchen do I want.

So, not much new here, I'm gonna go iron some of our clothes and then practice in the mirror how I'm gonna tell my soon to be ex-boss to shove the job in his arse. Heh.

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They wanna hire me!
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

YaaaY! The CEO is gonna call me about how much moola I'm gonna be makin' and I have to meet another big boss. The boss boss that is. Turns out this dude's just the commercial boss.

Now if the dark relationship cloud could just fuck the hell off, I'd reeeally be in heaven.

I'm so happy!

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Messin with my mind

Just came back from the presentation, it didn't go really bad but it could've been better. I'm very sad about the whole B thing, my Mom has said some very insightful but not so happy things about our relationship this weekend. She also told me some stuff my grandma told her about us and it wasn't good. It's been playing over and over in my head and it doesn't do my state of mind any good.

Oh well. I will be sad if I don't get the job but I have another job interview this afternoon. So I'll have other chances.

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Two favourites
Monday, May 11, 2009

Anthony Kiedis with Leo DiCaprio.... Gosh he's getting old! And short. He reminds me of my Dad :-D


working nine to five

We had our first fight this weekend and it was about... me going out with my friends. He's jealous. Ugh. I'm not doing anything bad there, just dancing and drinking and hanging out. I work full time so I think I deserve a break on weekends. And it's not like I'm going out Thursday to Sunday, mostly it's just one weekend night. I was at my Mom's yesterday and I cried my eyes out. She was very understanding and told me I had to do what makes me happy. 'Cause it'll come back and bite me in the ass if I hold back on things I like to do for me. It's not weird that I am the way that I am 'cause my parents are so inidivualistic. B calls it egotistical but whatever.

I've had two job interviews this week and I didn't even apply. I was head hunted!!! First interview was with two young recruiters and they called me after a few hours to tell me they were very enthusiastic about me. And could I come in on Friday to meet the CEO? So I did, he was very nice, he told me he liked me to come work for them but I had to do an written assessment first. So Sunday afternoon I wrote my ass off to turn it in before 17.00. This morning I got an email saying he gave it a first glance and it looked good. Tomorrow at 8 am I have to give a presentation about it and then they'll make me an offer or not. Tomorrow in the late afternoon I have a job interview at another company, if this fails.

I hope I'll be victorious! I've been putting so much effort in finding a job, so I hope it'll pay off!


Living together is kinda nice actually
Sunday, May 3, 2009

I have moved in with B temporarily... and while I always felt anxious about living together, so far it...ROCKS!!!

We can do our own thing, like yesterday I moved some last stuff out of my old house and Ollie and my uncle came to help. I went to hang out with my 6 y/o nephew who is developing quite well (a bit too well, perhaps) in terms of sexuality. We colored, played videogames and talked. He's very talkative. He is also very easily distracted. I love him, so funny and bright as he is.
Anyways, I went to have dinner at Cris' mom, who's an alcoholic. A few weeks ago Cris went to pick her up at the airport and her mom didn't come out of the gate. Turned out she was so drunk they refused to let her enter the plane. Ugh.

Cris was very pissed off and I could still sense her anger. You know, the passive-agressive kind. But maybe that's also because she has developed a tiny habit the last weeks and that shit doesn't do your mood any good. Oh well. All in all I could see her mom was doing her best to have a nice meal and not drink too much wine. And then I went home and when I turned into the street I saw that the lights were on and I was so glad he was there! We hung out and hit the sack pretty late. Still, I'm glad were taking it one step at a time. I'm in no hurry to settle down and when my own appartment is ready I will be thrilled.

I had my first pap smear two weeks ago. I'm getting the results this week. Aaah!

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Horror holidays, moving and friend. My friends!
Friday, May 1, 2009

Every year we celebrate our Queen mum's mum's birthday. The royal family visits a town or a village and all the kiddies get to perform and wave to the queen. It's all good, the night before there are parties in our center with life music and lots and lots and lots of beer. It's also my bf Ollie's B-day so it's double the fun for me always. This year I'd been packing in some more in the evening and on Queens day I moved out of my old house, so not a lot of partying for me this year. I turned out a really desperate soul has ruined our Queens day this year and jammed his car into the people who were waving at the Queen, killing 5 people. The driver, a Dutchman died in the hospital.

Ugh. Why do these things have to happen?

Today I cleaned out my old house, my Mom came in later to help me. Tomorrow we're gonna move some last small things and then next week the garbage people'll come pick up some old computers and an old bed and shit. I've moved in temporarily with B and while I'm enjoying his company a whole lot I cannot wait until my appartment is ready and mine. I was gonna go out tonight but I just tumbled out of the shower and I think I'm just gonna stay in. B's playing snooker so it's just me and the kitty cat!

Cris and I just hung up and she did a lot of partying yesterday, she was partyin so hard she had a nosebleed. Tomorrow night we're having dinner at her mom's house, she's making steak! Yay, I love these dinners, always just the three of us hanging out, gossiping, drinking and smoking. Love it!

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