Life ain't so shitty???
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

While I had two super duper weeks, this week hasn't been treating me well.

Up: I won a book gift certificate. I was invited for a job interview at a graphic design school. I was invited for two other talks about other positions, which meant I had three interviews yesterday. I'm the only one going (at this agency) for a writing job, they've rejected all the other appliers.

Down: I was rejected for the job at the graphic school. They said they were ready to take me but one other person had more experience in education. He asked if I was happy about the fact that there were 140 applicants and I made it to the top. Dude, there's only one winner. The rest of us are losers. Second best is losing too, in my book or am I just going Kurt Cobain on y'all?
I scratched my brother's car while trying to park. I scratched my mom's car a month ago. I don't know why these family members keep lending me their cars! My bro is on vacay. I'll tell him when he gets back. I was in that car for 5 hours in total yesterday, got detoured for an hour and 15 minutes because of the Afghanistan top meeting with ole' miss reefer suckin' Clinton. I was ready to give back my driver's licence and just go back to moving by train.
The writing job firm is really really difficult and strict. They keep rejecting everybody. It's not a good thing that they are so damn picky.

I don't like my job. I don't like my boss. I really want another job. Please God, help me find another job. Amen, brotha!

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