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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry that rant was on top for the past two weeks but my internet got disconnected too soon. I'm here 'till May 1 so I had them put it back on.

But, here I go again: Aaah! I had three job interviews this week and two of them went shitty and one went well but I got the ixnay on two, included the one that went well. They dug me but they went with another girl that had worked at the company before. Ugh.

I'm just gonna continu searching untill I find a nice work place. Meanwhile I have a well paid job in my field so it's not all that bad. B is soooo supportive it's almost scary haha!

And it's weekend! I'm cleaning my house out for the big move, throwing stuff away feel really good. I'm sooo ready for a new chapter in my life and while not everything, or better yet while everything's NOT going the way I'd want them to I'm just gonna take life as it comes and not freak out too much 'cause it's useless.

Tonight's Cris' B-day so I'm gonna see lots of friends and family of hers and drink lots and lots and lots of beer.

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