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Sunday, March 8, 2009

B and I saw the Wrestler, I always digged Mickey, ever since I saw him in Barfly in my teenage years. I can't stop loving stuff and ppl I liked in my teens, it's like they can do wrong. Anyways, the movie was excellently shot, it was dark, dirty and gritty, just the way it was supposed to. But the ending was a total buzzkill. And Mickey, what can I say, he's definitely is BACK, alive and looking weird!

We also saw Milk, and the Oscar winning mr. Penn. I thought it was a good movie, it really made me root for those gays. I was very sucked in by the emotions and the whole movement thing. I thought mr. Penn was very good, but not better than in Dead man walking or in I am Sam or She's so lovely. But I always thought the whole Oscar thing is pretty much a bullshit thing to begin with. Oh and you have to see James Franco in this one, I've seen him in Spiderman but I didn't think much of him. But here, as a strong and sensitive gay man he's not too shabby!

I also saw The Unborn, it was CRAPPY! But I'm a total horror fiend so I sat through the whole thing, B fell asleep in the first 30 min. The girl is a hot Megan Fox look-a-like but I guess that's not enough. Anyways, the story wasn't even that bad, but the special effects were so so shitty! It was as scary as LOTHR's Gollum!
Plus, Gary Oldman was in it... what the hell is he doing in a smack movie like The Unborn?!?!?!?

It just baffles me, some of the choices seemingly good people make...

Anyways, friday night Iwent with my mom to look at kitchens for my new appartment... kitchens! I only cook like, once a week! But maybe I'll cook more often in this nice and shiny kitchen thing.

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Anonymous Jenn had this to say:

I have no interest in seeing the Wrestler but plan to rent Milk. Thanks for the review.

March 8, 2009 at 1:20 PM 

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