I wish it was Friday once again!
Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've been driving! It's fun! But sometimes I get nasty faces from other drivers, indicating that I am indeed a shitty driver! But I don't know, everybody's learned it so I'm gonna give myself the time to learn to drive a little less like a blind person.

Two of my co-workers have been laid off, one lady that had to be given a steady contract and one young lady that's just, I don't know, replacable to them. When they told us the news my boss came in right away to tell me that I wasn't going to be laid off. Like I had to be grateful or happy or whatever. But you now what, to hell with them and to hell with the recession!

I was looking for another job 6 months ago, and then stopped because I had one interview and it sucked and then decided I was buying a house and then being a bit more content with my current position. But you know what, I'm gonna get in gear again and apply. I don't want to get sacked in September like my workmateys!

B and I went clubbing on Friday, and it was an underground scene before and now it's manstream as fuck and we decided to not go to these parties anymore. Too crowded, too little music lovers, too much assholes. So I guess we're gonna be looking for another B&S clubbing thing!

On Sasturday I went to volunteer at my friend Kris's work. She works with disabled kids, Down syndrome's and such. They had a spring party with lots of playthings for the kiddies and a big band. That was fun because one kid, (who has parents who're not in the picture and are alcoholics. They weren't there while other parents of the kids were. It hurt to see him.) kept bogarting the mic and kept singing these non-words to non-songs. It was great! It was fun but I was very tired and a bit hungover. Next year I'm gonna stay in the night before;-)

B and I watched Ben Button last night. It was beautiful but a tad too long for my taste. I liked the acting of Taraji P. Henson, who was Ben's adoptive mom and of Tilda Swinton the woman with whom he had an affair at the hotel, who plays distant, lonely, intelligent and deep better than any woman I've ever seen. Those icy ices do an excellent job. I didn't quite like Cate Blanchett's playing, it just seemed too one dimensional to me.

I'd say go see, if you haven't already! The story's wonderfully original!

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Blogger edward had this to say:

i liked the movie it was very well art directed and shot. i think cate's character was supposed to be that way, then she gets all confused and sad....

April 7, 2009 at 5:39 AM 

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