Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I went in to close my mortgage deal off. The advisor guy is very nice & very bald. It all went smoothly and after that I went to pick up the goodies I'd ordered at my brother's & nephew's shop. My nephew was there and we hung out and then my brother came in.

And he had a suprise for me....and it is....

A CAR!!!!!

It's a small Nissan Micra, burgundy colored, it's so cute!

The right front headlight's a bit fucked up so my bro's gonna fix this weekend. If it goes smoothly then I'll get it on Monday! He gave me a Volkswagen to drive in the mean time 'cause he's buying another car today. Yowza! This is my lucky day! A mortgage and a car, my payments are going through the Goddamn roof this year. But it's ok, it just means I have to quit the posh restaurants and buying bullshit until I have a better paying job.

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