I don't know about y'all...
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

But I love seeing Vincent in these cheapass H&M clothes! Nice!
But ehm... did the briefing say: "Hey lady, you have to open your mouth as WIDE as possible in ALL PICS. And you Vinnie, you should just press your lips together as TIGHT as possible, aiight?" Alrighty then...


Check THIS out!
Monday, March 23, 2009

The best piece of new music I've heard in ages. It's my favourite song on The Empyrean. You really have to listen the whole 8 minutes. It kicks ass! That bass! Those vocals!

I so love John Frusciante!
There are all kinds of rumours/quotes surfacing, about the Peppers not playing/getting together anymore. I don't know the truth but if it's so, we have lots and lots of recordings of them, plus a lot of solo shit. We can listen to those for years and years on end, so I'm happy with them either way.



Emily and I went to see Marley & Me last week, it was a long tale, I think non-dog/animallovers wouldn't like it that much. But then again, if you're not into dogs you're not going to go see this movie in the first place so I guess that's that.

We laughed. Jenn An is a likable character, they're all likable. The kids were not compatible though, it would be very unlikely that those two people would breed such children. Plus, the way Jenn's character was an up-and-coming career woman went to being this stay at home doiley was insane. But it was based on a true story so I guess that's one of the dangers of having kiddos.
I'd say go see if you dig dogs and/or Jenn Aniston/The blonde Owen with the nose...

Then, we stayed in the theatre and sneaked into Watchmen! Without paying! I love these kinds of tricks, it's not about the 10 bucks we saved but about the Do-whatever-the-hell-you-want-approach. Don't do that enough these days...

But it wasn't our cuppa tea, we stayed until we found out how the blue guy turned blue and we hauled ass outta there after that. Next time we'll go prepared, 'cause we were so thirsty after 1,5 movie!

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I wish it was Friday once again!
Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've been driving! It's fun! But sometimes I get nasty faces from other drivers, indicating that I am indeed a shitty driver! But I don't know, everybody's learned it so I'm gonna give myself the time to learn to drive a little less like a blind person.

Two of my co-workers have been laid off, one lady that had to be given a steady contract and one young lady that's just, I don't know, replacable to them. When they told us the news my boss came in right away to tell me that I wasn't going to be laid off. Like I had to be grateful or happy or whatever. But you now what, to hell with them and to hell with the recession!

I was looking for another job 6 months ago, and then stopped because I had one interview and it sucked and then decided I was buying a house and then being a bit more content with my current position. But you know what, I'm gonna get in gear again and apply. I don't want to get sacked in September like my workmateys!

B and I went clubbing on Friday, and it was an underground scene before and now it's manstream as fuck and we decided to not go to these parties anymore. Too crowded, too little music lovers, too much assholes. So I guess we're gonna be looking for another B&S clubbing thing!

On Sasturday I went to volunteer at my friend Kris's work. She works with disabled kids, Down syndrome's and such. They had a spring party with lots of playthings for the kiddies and a big band. That was fun because one kid, (who has parents who're not in the picture and are alcoholics. They weren't there while other parents of the kids were. It hurt to see him.) kept bogarting the mic and kept singing these non-words to non-songs. It was great! It was fun but I was very tired and a bit hungover. Next year I'm gonna stay in the night before;-)

B and I watched Ben Button last night. It was beautiful but a tad too long for my taste. I liked the acting of Taraji P. Henson, who was Ben's adoptive mom and of Tilda Swinton the woman with whom he had an affair at the hotel, who plays distant, lonely, intelligent and deep better than any woman I've ever seen. Those icy ices do an excellent job. I didn't quite like Cate Blanchett's playing, it just seemed too one dimensional to me.

I'd say go see, if you haven't already! The story's wonderfully original!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I went in to close my mortgage deal off. The advisor guy is very nice & very bald. It all went smoothly and after that I went to pick up the goodies I'd ordered at my brother's & nephew's shop. My nephew was there and we hung out and then my brother came in.

And he had a suprise for me....and it is....

A CAR!!!!!

It's a small Nissan Micra, burgundy colored, it's so cute!

The right front headlight's a bit fucked up so my bro's gonna fix this weekend. If it goes smoothly then I'll get it on Monday! He gave me a Volkswagen to drive in the mean time 'cause he's buying another car today. Yowza! This is my lucky day! A mortgage and a car, my payments are going through the Goddamn roof this year. But it's ok, it just means I have to quit the posh restaurants and buying bullshit until I have a better paying job.

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I don't care what people say about him....
Sunday, March 8, 2009

... but I've been listening to some old Guns 'n Roses tunes and Axl Rose rocked! And I really hope he still rocks now, I've been listening to some of the Chinese Democracy tunes but it didn't really float my boat. Maybe I'd better go give it another try?

I don't know what it is, but I have the urge to listen to all my nineties music lately. I was heavily into hip hop and house and all that the past ten years but the whole rock thing has come back. Maybe it's because my teens were a bit of whirlwindy and I had to take time to come to terms with it all? And now I'm comfortable to look my old selve in the eye and tell myself it's ok.

Or maybe I just like MUSIC! Fucking hell, I'm such a boneheaded, narcissistic pop-psychologist;-)

Anyway, look at Axl's fashion sense, it's off the hook! And you know, when you see them play live and he runs from one end of the stage to another and sings his ass off? It looks so good, I wanna do that too!


Movies and kitchens!

B and I saw the Wrestler, I always digged Mickey, ever since I saw him in Barfly in my teenage years. I can't stop loving stuff and ppl I liked in my teens, it's like they can do wrong. Anyways, the movie was excellently shot, it was dark, dirty and gritty, just the way it was supposed to. But the ending was a total buzzkill. And Mickey, what can I say, he's definitely is BACK, alive and looking weird!

We also saw Milk, and the Oscar winning mr. Penn. I thought it was a good movie, it really made me root for those gays. I was very sucked in by the emotions and the whole movement thing. I thought mr. Penn was very good, but not better than in Dead man walking or in I am Sam or She's so lovely. But I always thought the whole Oscar thing is pretty much a bullshit thing to begin with. Oh and you have to see James Franco in this one, I've seen him in Spiderman but I didn't think much of him. But here, as a strong and sensitive gay man he's not too shabby!

I also saw The Unborn, it was CRAPPY! But I'm a total horror fiend so I sat through the whole thing, B fell asleep in the first 30 min. The girl is a hot Megan Fox look-a-like but I guess that's not enough. Anyways, the story wasn't even that bad, but the special effects were so so shitty! It was as scary as LOTHR's Gollum!
Plus, Gary Oldman was in it... what the hell is he doing in a smack movie like The Unborn?!?!?!?

It just baffles me, some of the choices seemingly good people make...

Anyways, friday night Iwent with my mom to look at kitchens for my new appartment... kitchens! I only cook like, once a week! But maybe I'll cook more often in this nice and shiny kitchen thing.

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I had to buy myself some goodies...
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Although I don't reeeally have the money! I'm gonna save money by not going out for dinner as much. I'm going to cook come more slash invite myself over to go eat at friend's and family's houses;-)
Plus, they're on sale and adorable!

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Grown up boring things

I'm filling in all these tax things and let me tell you, it's a lot more complicated when you're buying a house! And on top of that, I'm damn tired. God bless the day I don't have to work full-time anymore!

B is still giving me shit 'cause of the house, but we're sticking with eachother so that's good in a not so happy way.

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