My granny nanny
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My granny used to be a nanny. The kids she had to look after were two sisters and we hung out for quite a few years in the old days. We had lots of sleepovers at my granny's house with 4 grandchildren, the two nanny kids, two neighbour kids and then my 4 uncles who were age 12 to 20 back then. I can't believe my granny didn't go crazy with all those kids in the house but she didn't, she was a happy clam.
When I think of those times I'm really happy. Despite everything that happened in my pubescent years, I had a superb childhood. It was all play and no work!

And last week my uncle said the youngest girl called him to chat and she told him she'd really like to see my granny. And it's a good feeling that other people smile when they think about their childhood just like I do.

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