Seein hearin
Saturday, February 21, 2009

I went to see the film Gomorra last weekend with Martin. It was great! It's an Italian maffia movie, but not like the Godfather or Scarface. I really dig those maffiafilms, not only because of the roughness and the stories but also for my viewing pleasure. They certainlydress the part in those films and the actors are very easy on the eye, to say the least. Well, don't expect that same level of aesthetics from Gomorra. Do you want the rawness?? Well, then check it out!

And I bought the cd 'Nico' by Blind Melon. They brought it out after Shannon Hoon, their singer, died. I've been listening to it lots, singing along to all the tunes.

I went to have dinner with my driving teacher and Marianne and Karolyn last night, we had lots of laughs! And today B and I went out to lunch with Sandy. She's pregnant! B' s giving me serious shit about buying a house by myself. Pfff. This situ is so fucked up, his mom being sick as hell 'n all, the work he's missing 'cause of the recession/depression. To be honest, the thought of living together depresses the shit out of me. Our relationship hasn't been the funnest for a few years, ever since his sponsor went away. And we're sticking together you know, 'cause that's what you do when you love eachother but I haven't been looking forward to seeing him and hanging out together in a long while. I keep hoping that it's just a (kinda long) phase and when we get through this, we'll come out stronger.

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My granny nanny
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My granny used to be a nanny. The kids she had to look after were two sisters and we hung out for quite a few years in the old days. We had lots of sleepovers at my granny's house with 4 grandchildren, the two nanny kids, two neighbour kids and then my 4 uncles who were age 12 to 20 back then. I can't believe my granny didn't go crazy with all those kids in the house but she didn't, she was a happy clam.
When I think of those times I'm really happy. Despite everything that happened in my pubescent years, I had a superb childhood. It was all play and no work!

And last week my uncle said the youngest girl called him to chat and she told him she'd really like to see my granny. And it's a good feeling that other people smile when they think about their childhood just like I do.

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Why do I always have the feeling I'm on the verge of things?
Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've made a mistake last night and hope I got away with it. It didn't have anything to do with love. I'm feeling a bit guilty but I'm sticking with my plan anyway. But I know karma's a little fucker that'll bite me in the ass, maybe not now but it definitely will eventually.

My Dad has visited us for a month. He has flown away today, and although four weeks was a bit on the longer side, the house really is a bit empty right now. And I have to start cooking again, since my stepmom cooked everyday. B is very sad but he has smiles that make him look like his old selves once in a while.

I am content, in a weird, funny way.

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I've got it!
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I passed my exam! I have my licence :-)

I can drive, finally.



I should try this too!
Monday, February 9, 2009


Sunday, February 8, 2009

John Frusciante has his 10th album out and although I have a coupon to go get it I still haven't. But the artwork's great, isn't it?


Sign me up for those rays!
Saturday, February 7, 2009

My new bikini, although it's 4 degrees Celcius. I am an idiot!


I've just finished...
Sunday, February 1, 2009

...reading this book, the story of Blind Melon and Shannon Hoon and it's a great read! If you like to read about rock bands, the interesting stories of people and how their life unfolds (or unfolded, since he died) you have to read it! If you like their music then it's a must read. I totally dig it!



While I like summers more than winters, there's one thing that really rocks in January... Film festival time! We went to three movies yesterday, I was supposed to go with B to all of them but he had a photo shoot at the last minute and couldn't make it to the first one. I went with Emily instead, I had a little hangover so we ate at Burger King, walked around the city after the film and went for tea and ice cream. We had a really nice day. She's had a bit of a rough time with work, she had a nice paying job but before they had to give her a fixed contract they gave her the axe. And then she found another job and the boss man told her she had the job and then told her they went with another girl instead. So she's working at her mom's workplace now but they hired someone else too so she'll be out of work shortly. We talked about getting dole for the time being when you're out of work and we agreed we didn't want to be applying for that. I'd rather work at a restaurant and pay my own way before I do that. It was funny 'cause I went out to dinner with Eva, a girl who used to work at the formal office I work at now but she left and we've become fast friends ever since she left. We had lots of fun when we worked together so we continu to email eachother throughout the work day, you know just to get eachother through the hellish office days. It's fun.

Strenght of water was the first movie, and it really moved me. It's about a Maori family that lives in a remote village with a chicken farm. They have like, 10 kids and there's this 10 y/o twin they focus on. The girl has asthma and the boy always looks out for her, fixing things. When a long lost grand son of a villager returns, the family takes him in for a night and the next morning he and the girl go out for a walk. The story turns to a tragedy after that and it's so heart breaking. The scenery is beautiful, it looks like no man has ever walked that part of earth. It's just so green and windy and it seems like you can see the sea from whatever point on the island. I haven't seen a ray of sunlight during the whole movie so that wouldn't be for me but it's so pure. We don't get that here in the EU. Haven't seen it like that in Asia or South Am either. You'll see the touch of man everywhere. What a waste. Anyways, I say go see! (Btw, I cried, I'm so damn whimpy)

We also went to see Native Dancer. It was a movie filmed in Kazakhstan about an elderly lady who's a healer, like a sjaman. There's humor in it, the lady is hard as nails and keeps hitting men with a cane!, drama and just beautiful lessons on how paper chasing messes people up and how salvation is in spirituality, hope and love. Beautiful scenery, who knew Kazakhstan is so muhafuckin pretty.

And finally we saw Achilles and the Tortoise. I went through this huge Japan phase a few years ago, getting into al kinds of shit about the country, made B drive us across the country to galleries for exhibitions of Japanese artists, read more books about geishas than I'd recommend, saw meters and meters of Japanese films. But at one point it was just too much and I cold turkey'd. The film was ok, but it was a drama, then a comedy and after that a feel-good movie. So it was pretty much all over the place and while I used to dig that Japanese humor, I found it a bit lame yesterday. But maybe that was because I'd alredy seen two movies over the day... if I'd seen this movie first then I could've been more open to it. Anyways, it was about a boy/ma whose goal in life was always to be an artist. Although he's very promising, and tries his best all of his life to fulfill his dream, he doesn't succeed and you see him struggling to try to get his paintings sold and keeps reinventing himself to be more commercially succesful. He fails and fails and borrows money from his prostitute daughter to buy paint. This sounds awful but it really is a funny moment. Come to think of it, there were some really fun parts!

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