Hooray for babies
Sunday, December 21, 2008

We had pretty nice weekend, all things considered. B and I had some good conversation about house buying (I know, this is gettin' old), we went to his brother in law's b-day, went to see a play, ate sushi and had a wonderful lunch with Sandy during which she told me she's PREGNANT!!! She's ten years older than me and I think it was a now-or-never thing. She's 6 weeks far now. It's still walkin' on egg shells but I think she's doing great! She looks great! She looks happy. I don't really know about the boy, given the fact that he has punched her a couple of times and threw her out of a bar once. Talk about angerment issues....But she's 37 y/o: she's a grown woman.

This is the first friend that's going to have a baby. I have one acquaintence/friend who has a child but she's not really a friend. This is really big. I love it.

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