Gosh I'm so stupid
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I made my bed on Monday and guess what?? My cell phone was under my bed all along!
But I had already blocked my card so I can not call out but peeps can call me. I had a suck-unsuck moment.

The job interview went alright. In the end the manager said that she had a good feeling about me and she smiled. So that gives me hope. She said she'd let me know tomorrow. I have to get back to work tomorrow, the longer I don't go, the more I don't wanna go at all. I really hate it there, now that I took a sniff at other places. It's so formal. And I'm sooooo not formal. I can be if need be, but I'm not a happy chap to say the least.

Also, when I was drunk ass this weekend and ate at my former workplace, the sushi bar I heard that my former boss-lady was pregnant. It was a very busy night and she worked her ass off. So at the end of the night she was sitting on a crutch, crying. So, I said I could help her out with work if she needed somebody. I thought she'd say "Naaah", but she said "Yes!" And today she called. I didn't pick up the phone 'cause I'm a coward but I think I'll have to step up to the plate and help out. I really don't wanna, I work full time as it is but I told her I'd help and now I have to. Maybe I'll do it for a month or so. Or just try it a few times and then tell her it's too much.

That'll show me to say stuff that I don't mean. Alcohol... why do I dig it so?

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Blogger Squirrel had this to say:

you need to take a few days off and sleep. life's too short. & don't forget to moisturize.

December 3, 2008 at 7:14 PM 

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