Please God, help us now.
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wow, this is a very weird time. B and his family are very sad, they all keep a brave face but these are definitely hard times. Him and his sis are there almost everyday. And who would've thought, but I am right there with B. I was always the one who didn't come around as much as the in laws wanted. But that's just because I have and need my own life, do my own thing. I've always lived like that. My parents respect that (most of the time) and I didn't want any in-laws bustin' my balls because of it. But now I'm there almost everyday too. B and I have been seeing a lot of eachother, and it feels good.

I did went out to dinner with an old colleague of mine of friday which was great, we had lots of laughs. Two duded who were sitting at a table next to us said we were hockey girls with insecurity issues. Nigga whut? Today B and I went shopping, and ate sushi. And yesterday B and I went to see the new James Bond. I DUG it big time! It's action packed, don't expect any suave shit from this Bond. He is rock hard. He isn't glib like some others Bonds. He is believable. He has a killer body! I loved it, I'd say GO SEE!

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