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Saturday, October 25, 2008

B and I wanted to go to a dubstep party in our capital but we couldn't find tickets. We didn't want to go, drive all the way up there and have it been sold out, we'd be fucked up. But, I entered a contest and I didn't expect to win but I DID and we got in for free!!! So last night B and I danced the night away, we had lots of fun I really like going out with that guy. The crowd was really hyped, you could even feel the dancefloor going up and down! I've never been to parties where the crowd goes wild like this, you know people get crazy at concerts but I've never seen it like this with a dj. I really dig this shit. Plus, B and I are doing great, it's superb.

Tonight I'm going out with Emily, I'm a bit tired and I'd rather hang out at home but Emily's going through a rough time, cause she's lost her job and has to have a small cervix-cancer thing removed next month. Apparently they've found it in time and loads of other women have it (we know a bunch of girls who had something like it removed too) but it still SUCKS ASS. So she needs some special attention. So I'm gonna chill out for a bit and then hit the club with her!

Out here women get pap smears every two years or so from the age of 30. But I'm gonna go in next week to get one. I feel great but I'm a bit anxious by this news and I want to know if I'm alright.

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