Having no fun at work drains the life outta ya!
Monday, October 27, 2008

I really really really hate my job. Everybody I love has quit, so while the rest of the people working there are nice, but they're not "my kind" if you catch my drift. I need people I can be myself with, not people I have to be polite to. Apart from that, it just bores the shit out of me, I like the work but the workplace sucks hairy, moldy, stinky ass. I always have yoga class on Monday but I didn't go because I feel like crying.

I also keep waking up at night, last night I dreamt that this girl I knew when I was little, of whom I know she was a incest victim was dead. My grandma kept trying make her lie down flat, you know because she was dead and she had to lie down peacefully but her legs kept bending, it was awful. And last week I dreamt about an ex boyfriend who I keep in touch with via facebook. We were together talking and we were both so sad that we didn't have eachother anymore. I was all shook up when I woke up... what's up with that? I love B!

The not-being-happy-at-work-thing just bugs the hell out of me. IT'S FUCKIN' UP MY HIGH!! I did get a call from a recruitment agency today and I'm going in next Thursday to talk. I hope it'll all work out. I do get a fatter paycheck this week, let's hope that'll kill a bit of pain.

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