I think my boss has Borderline
Saturday, September 13, 2008

My boss threw a tantrum like you wouldn't believe last friday. Our secretary is pregnant and while some people (including me) knew about it, our boss did not. He found out because I gave him a quotation to sign for a restaurant where we'll have a company dinner in two weeks. On the quotation it said: one person is allergic to goat cheese, one person is allergic to dairy and one lady is pregnant. He asked me who it was, and I answered that I want to tell him because he's my boss but I couldn't because I knew that she wanted to tell him herself. He walked out of my office pretty upset. I called our secretary (she had a day off) to tell her the boss found out, that I didn't tell him it was her and advised her to tell him on monday.

When I walked to meet my boss in the hall he was very angry. He screamed at me: "Who is it???? Who is it??? Is it Angelica???? Did you just call her???" I had to say yes, I didn't know what else to do than to tell the truth. Then, he went ballistic, his eyes he threw his two bags and one phone on the floor. He screamed that he wanted to close the company! I couldn't move. He went out the door, and he shouted that I had to stay there and he'd go alone. Then he changed his mind and told me to "MOVE IT!!" and I had to get into the car with him. He kept screaming that if he doesn't communicate something, his employees nail his ass, but they will keep things like this from him. He also screamed that "they" already stole 1.000.000 dollars from him. He kept going with this rant and at some point I thought "How the hell did I get in this position?!?" and found it a bit amusing, actually (funny how the mind works). We had the meeting (it took ages!) and he was sooooooooo sweet all of a sudden, I couldn't believe it. He also showed me this leaflet of a 6-day E-marketing course I could do that'll set him back like 5.000 buckaroos. He also kept repeating the good results I had since I worked for him and that I'm such a pleasant person.

But, when we got back to the office I was not feeling well, I felt I had to be sick. It was only a few hours and I rode back with some colleagues on the train and spilled my guts. I cried! On the train! I don't know, it was all so overwhelming all of a sudden...

So tomorrow I have to get back to work again. I'm gonna confront him, 'cause I can't let anyone (let alone my boss) yell at me and throw stuff around like that and act like nothing happened. I have to negotiate another contract (more G's!!)in two weeks. I'm gonna stock around and keep my eyes open in the mean time.

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Blogger goatman had this to say:

From his reaction, one might think that he was personally involved?
I have known such ungrounded bosses and quit the found other work as soon as possible. You don't have to suffer such people just to make a living.

September 15, 2008 at 12:16 PM 

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