Saturday, September 27, 2008

We had a company night yesterday after work. First we had a graffiti workshop and then we went out to dinner. The graffiti-ing was great! There were two young guys who taught us how to do it and then we made our own designs and started spraying. It was loads of fun but very difficult. You think you know but you have no idea how to go about such a thing. We were idiots with spraying cans. The guys were great, they were very laidback and I decided that my next job should be in a more creative environment. My workplace is just too formal for me. It felt like my blood was much more flowing for I was being surrounded by creativity. I can't put enough ME in my current job.

But there's a time for everything and I must follow through with this first job of mine. And besides, I have a whole career ahead of me. I am only just getting started. And I'm sad to admit that money plays a part too. The salaries in the art/cultural sector make me bawl.

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What if my Dad acted like this?? Shhh....
Sunday, September 21, 2008

I have a Facebook account. I don't do a lot with it, I only have a handful friends but I like to send a message once in a while, especially to people I don't really hang out with on a regular basis.

Last year, I was an intern at a marketing& communications firm. The internship sucked ass and I was glad to get the fuck out of there. There was one copywriter at the firm and he was very nice to me. I interviewed him and he gave me some assignments and that was that. So, last week the writer, who's two years older than my Dad (?!) decided to add me and asked how I was doing. I was genuinely pleased to hear something from him and shot him a message about graduating, travelling through Asia and stuff like that. It was all good. But then, of course, he asked me if I wanted to meet him to which I answered that I don't think there are enough common denominators to meet in real life. And that I really appreciated him and I hoped I didn't hurt his feelings with my answer. And this morning I got a msg that said:

You really jump to conclusions. How do you know we don't have enough in common? That's what I'd like to find out. The marketing and communications business, Asia are some things that I can think off that we could talk about over some coffee or a beer. I just like you and want to get to know you better, because we didn't had the chance back then. So, what do you say?

Dude just doesn't take no for an answer. And you know how proud I was of myself for being so mature to tell him the truth instead of just ignoring him all together? Because that's what the old, juvenile me would do. And I'm trying to grow up here and do the right things but SOME PEOPLE JUST WON'T LET ME!!!


Don't walk away
Saturday, September 20, 2008

So, after my boss went beserk on Friday, I called in sick on monday. I thought he could just shove the job up his ass. So I called the sales manager in the morning, explained what happened, although she already heard about the debacle from colleagues and she told me she'd think of something. By 11 a.m. my boss called. He offered his apologies (twice), told me I was just in the wrong place at the wrong moment and that he was under a lot of stress. And that he really trusted me and that he thought very highly of me. I went back to work the next day and although I won't forget how he yelled at me and threw his stuff around and just went crazy, I decided to give it another shot.

My mom said it's part of growing up, having to deal with shit like this. And that I shouldn't walk away from problems, even at work.
I'm gonna negotiate my contract next week. Wish me luck!


Factory Girl is worth seeing
Sunday, September 14, 2008

Emily and I went to see "Factory Girl" last night. I really liked it, the clothes were wonderful and I really think Sienna Miller can act. The cast in all was very good, they were all believable. Warhol is portrayed as an ass in this movie, the story was a bit too much one-sided for my taste. You know, people fight and break up (though they weren't lovers as far as I know) and it's impossible to put it all on one person.
It also made me think about fame, and how I always thought that lots of people these days are waaaay too obsessed with fame. You know, with all theTV shows about modelling, Big Brother, Idols and all that crap. But, this movie made me realize the search for fame is something of all times, people always had the need to be known, loved and never forgotten. Why is that? We're just a bunch of animals.

Oh and I don't know about Bob Dylan, what's up with that guy? He's always portrayed as this super smart, mysterious, larger than life guy... but he's just an animal too, isn't he?

I say go see!


I think my boss has Borderline
Saturday, September 13, 2008

My boss threw a tantrum like you wouldn't believe last friday. Our secretary is pregnant and while some people (including me) knew about it, our boss did not. He found out because I gave him a quotation to sign for a restaurant where we'll have a company dinner in two weeks. On the quotation it said: one person is allergic to goat cheese, one person is allergic to dairy and one lady is pregnant. He asked me who it was, and I answered that I want to tell him because he's my boss but I couldn't because I knew that she wanted to tell him herself. He walked out of my office pretty upset. I called our secretary (she had a day off) to tell her the boss found out, that I didn't tell him it was her and advised her to tell him on monday.

When I walked to meet my boss in the hall he was very angry. He screamed at me: "Who is it???? Who is it??? Is it Angelica???? Did you just call her???" I had to say yes, I didn't know what else to do than to tell the truth. Then, he went ballistic, his eyes he threw his two bags and one phone on the floor. He screamed that he wanted to close the company! I couldn't move. He went out the door, and he shouted that I had to stay there and he'd go alone. Then he changed his mind and told me to "MOVE IT!!" and I had to get into the car with him. He kept screaming that if he doesn't communicate something, his employees nail his ass, but they will keep things like this from him. He also screamed that "they" already stole 1.000.000 dollars from him. He kept going with this rant and at some point I thought "How the hell did I get in this position?!?" and found it a bit amusing, actually (funny how the mind works). We had the meeting (it took ages!) and he was sooooooooo sweet all of a sudden, I couldn't believe it. He also showed me this leaflet of a 6-day E-marketing course I could do that'll set him back like 5.000 buckaroos. He also kept repeating the good results I had since I worked for him and that I'm such a pleasant person.

But, when we got back to the office I was not feeling well, I felt I had to be sick. It was only a few hours and I rode back with some colleagues on the train and spilled my guts. I cried! On the train! I don't know, it was all so overwhelming all of a sudden...

So tomorrow I have to get back to work again. I'm gonna confront him, 'cause I can't let anyone (let alone my boss) yell at me and throw stuff around like that and act like nothing happened. I have to negotiate another contract (more G's!!)in two weeks. I'm gonna stock around and keep my eyes open in the mean time.

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Greece part II and a beautiful funeral
Sunday, September 7, 2008

I had a few suprises this weekend. B and I had a quiet night in on friday. We watched Felon, a movie with Stephen Dorff. Although it was a stupified movie, as in they explained everything to the viewer and didn't leave anything to the imagination. It was also with Val Kilmer, haven't seen him in a while. I loved him in The Doors when I was 14!

On Saturday morning B went to pick up his niece who'd just turned 13 and had saved her birthday money for a laptop. I went shopping for a bit myself, I'm on a budget this month and am not allowed to buy any clothes. But since I do not think one must deny herself EVERYTHING (it's just not healthy), I did treat myself to two books. I love American Book Center, it has the best discount books department. Anyways, when I got home I immediately detected a funeral card on my door mat. I recognized the handwriting as my fake mom's. I tear it open and found out that her mom, the grandmother of my best friend in high school, had died. And the funeral was in 1,5 hours! WTF?

I called B and asked him to come with me, and he did. I had lived with my fake mom for a year in high school and had met all of her friends during that time. They were all there, I hadn't seen them in a while and saw them again at this funeral. Including my ex-boyfriend with whom I had this tempestuous, whirlwind relationship with when I was 17 and he was 21. We shared a lot of love but we were both too young and a tad messed up in the head, which made it impossible to have a healthy relationship. It left me heartbroken for a few years, even through my next relationship. I really wasn't over him even though I did hook up with this older guy for a year and eventually broke his heart by leaving.

My ex-bf was there with his his girlfriend, his sister and his mothet who were wonderful to me at the time. Especially his mom was incredible, she always made me feel at home and was very maternal. When I saw her yesterday it was soo good to see her. I felt warm. And then him. I have seen him around town occasionally and was really over him. But yesterday was different, maybe because his mom was there. He lives together with his girlfriend now and they seem happy. She looked a bit wary at me, but that was ok.

My fake mom gave a speech in which she said she was so happy to be her daughter and talked about that her mom had gone through very difficult phases in her life as a woman. She was the wife of a professor doctor and was a nurse and had studied art history herself. She was torn between what she wanted to do and what she had to do according to others (family, peers and society). Stuff every woman, but the generations before mine especially, had to battle with. Her speech made me weep for lots of different reasons. During the condoleances I talked to lots of people and it was very good to see them.

Emancipation, it has come a fucking long way.

After all this, some pics from Greece!

We were passing through this small town when we saw this cute little kid huddling against a street lamp, eating a chocolate cup cake while his eyes darted around, as if he was afraid he'd get caught. We rode past him (he didn't see us, he seemed in trance!) and B and I laughed our asses off. Then, B decided to reverse and take his picture. The boy still didn't even notice we were there while B took it. I don't know if it's ethical to put pictures of people on the blog, especially when I block our faces off but I just couldn't keep this from you.

Lots beautiful flowers!

And more beautiful flowers!

The view from a terrace where we ate sardines and shrimps

Inspired by Squirrel!

Bye bye Greece, hope to see you again some day!

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Djeez... what took him so long?
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I hope he and his aren't suprised he's in rehab: remember RED SHOE DIARIES?
What kind of horndog would present crap like that? Only a sex addict!
Or is it a incredibly funny hoax? Probably not. Alas.

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I love Greece

We're back! We flew in yesterday and we sure had a nice time! Can't wait to book our next vacation!

We laughed our asses off, although some other people, including our downstairs neighbours didn't find us so funny. On the first night there, we went to have some cocktails and after 2 Long Island Ice Teas (my favourite cocktails, they make me stand upside down; I looooove it!) we decided to go to the appartment and not get wasted. But, fate decided otherwise. We got talking to two 18-year old rugby players from England who offered us Sambuca shots and we ended up in this dingy little discotheque drunk out of our minds on Sambuca. I NEVER drink that shit. Next thing I knew I woke up in out appartment, B's asleep with vomit next to him on the floor and the balcony. He tried to put it on me, and I did puke, however in the TOILET, where you're supposed to. So as the good girlfriend that I am (haha, once or twice a year, when the wind blows at a good angle), I cleaned up his puke by filling buckets of hot water and scrubbing the floor with a clothe using my feet (with my new slippers on them, I really lost a few braincells that evening). But the water went down and the downstairs neighbours were not amused. B apologized and the rest of the vacation we drank one alcoholic beverage per night max. We had more than enough of drinking, plus this way, we could save us some money.

On another night we (and by that I mean I) were laughing too loud I suppose, and it was 01:30 but the new neighbours didn't really have to shout: "Silence!!! We're trying to sleep!!!" like B and I were her dogs! B gave her some lip back but we were quiet after that.

I have a day off today to do some laundry, clean up a bit around here and run some errands. It's already 14:05 right now so I'd bettery haul ass.

Here are some picbits from our lovely vacation. It really was lovely although it may not seem like it from the short, gross stories above.

How could one not love Greece? The mountains are so beautiful! Nature is so pretty out there. Of course, everywhere, but you know what I mean...

This was in the highest village of Samos, where we ate Moussaka. Moussaka's yummy!

We had to walk in this water to get to a waterfall. It was exciting because you didn't know what to expect. We had to change into our swimming outfits, 'cause it was too deep to go in you normal clothes. A nice lady offered to mind our bags when we were checking the fall out. We bumped into her and her husband a few times after that, on the island.

The fall was small! But nice, nevertheless.

This lady was not so nice. I waved and she didn't wave back. B took this picture and to punish her, I'm putting her on the blog!! Hahaha!

You can't really see much but this is Pythagoras' cave. They say he hid out here when he had a fight with another baller in those days.

The cow had to be helped up a mountain road.
I will post some more pics later. I'm gonna go clean my bathroom now! Hope you had a nice end of summer!

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