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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There are days that I think that I'm just gonna die out of boredom.

This is such a night. And I know I'm just un-fuckin'-grateful. I have everything, yet there are days that I'm just not content. We booked our summer vacation, we're going to Greece for 12 days at the end of August. Just to chill, relax, unwind. And I'm taking my suitcase, I'm NOT gonna go backpacking anytime soon. Once a year is more than enough!

Aaah. I feel a bit better now. Maybe it's also lack of sleep. I have to get up a bit earlier to catch the bus on time (summer time table).

I had a great weekend, went to have dinner with Kimberley, went clubbing after that in a tiny disco where the DJ spinned Balkan-beats. Supposedly it's the latest rage. Went to a theaterfestival on sunday with B and my pal Otto. I have everything! Then why am I feeling so nervous?



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