Moms and jobs
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Went to Cris' mom's b-day yesterday. Only, Cris wasn't there, she had to work. She has this alcoholic, weed-smoking, very sweet but very needy artist mom. When she told her mom she couldn't come to her birthday, she was very very very disappointed and asked if she could ask me to come, 'cause she wanted a daughter with her on her birthday!

So I went. It was nice, I know lots of her family members and one of her nephews was also there to hang out with.

One of my dearest colleagues, the one who I have tons of laughs with has resigned today. I haven't heard it officially yet, but she phoned our manager when I was just finishing up. I hate it. It means I'm gonna have to do more work at the sales department and have less time for my own responsibilities. It sucks!! I've also looked around at other jobs, I don't know but it's contagious.

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