Nuthin' but a G-thang
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The car racing was great!! I had never felt G-forces before in my entire life! It made my adrenaline level go through the muhafuckin' roof! It was so weird to experience that while sitting besides my CEO. The day went great, I will post some (very grainy) pics soon. We stayed the whole day, and there were no weird moments with the boss man. He excorted us whenever he had the chance, took us to show us around and made sure we had food and drinks. There was no need to worry, after all.
Oh well, that's life for ya...when you let your guard down, it'll bite you in the ass and when you're on point and ready to rumble you find out there's no need to and you can sit back, relax and be the hippie you always wanted to be.

I was so inspired by the whole race car event that I made an appointment to get driving lessons. When I turned 18 I immediately got driving lessons but I sucked at it BIG time, I could't drive for shit. My mom kept dangling this carrot in front of me going for three (!) years in a row: "If you get your license this year, you'll get a car". But I kept fucking up so in the end I just quit.

I think I stand a better chance right now, I'm more at ease, more relaxed and calmer. I have a bit more confidence. So, wish me luck! My first (but actually my 100th) lesson takes place this thursday.



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