So, this is where you live, Ched?
Thursday, May 29, 2008

In 1989, naive out-of-towners Jeffrey and Patrice Stambovsky, purchased an 18-room rambling riverfront Victorian mansion on the Hudson River in scenic Nyack, N.Y.
Unbeknown to them at the time, the $650,000 home was haunted.
Owner Helen Ackley, however, had actively promoted her home as a haunt for apparitions in the attic, poltergeists in the pantry and ghosts in the garage.
Both the local and national media reported the story. The most notable version was a 1997 Reader's Digest story, "Our Haunted House on the Hudson."
According to Ackley's Digest account, there were at least three ghosts thought to date back to the Revolutionary War, a red-cloaked woman often seen demurely descending the staircase, a wandering sailor with a powdered wig and an elderly gentleman sitting in the living room suspended four feet above the floor.


Nuthin' but a G-thang
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The car racing was great!! I had never felt G-forces before in my entire life! It made my adrenaline level go through the muhafuckin' roof! It was so weird to experience that while sitting besides my CEO. The day went great, I will post some (very grainy) pics soon. We stayed the whole day, and there were no weird moments with the boss man. He excorted us whenever he had the chance, took us to show us around and made sure we had food and drinks. There was no need to worry, after all.
Oh well, that's life for ya...when you let your guard down, it'll bite you in the ass and when you're on point and ready to rumble you find out there's no need to and you can sit back, relax and be the hippie you always wanted to be.

I was so inspired by the whole race car event that I made an appointment to get driving lessons. When I turned 18 I immediately got driving lessons but I sucked at it BIG time, I could't drive for shit. My mom kept dangling this carrot in front of me going for three (!) years in a row: "If you get your license this year, you'll get a car". But I kept fucking up so in the end I just quit.

I think I stand a better chance right now, I'm more at ease, more relaxed and calmer. I have a bit more confidence. So, wish me luck! My first (but actually my 100th) lesson takes place this thursday.


Baby I'm too young to handle this, gets around
Saturday, May 24, 2008

These past few weeks I've been in the car with my CEO a few times. I don't have a driver's license so when I have to work at another company of his, I hitch a ride with him. That way he can visit the other companies too. So, we've been talking a lot during those trips. He definitely loves to talk and I am someone who's always looking for answers. B and most of my friends always say stuff to me like: " You and all your Goddamn questions!!!" and frequently roll their eyes when I'm interrupting their stories for the millionth time to ask a question that seems irrelevant to them.

Anyways, the boss-man and I get along well. I'm not doing anything on purpose, I'm just being me. He's also a racecar diver, he has a few racecars and his son also drives and flies airplanes. We talked about that when we were driving back to our head office and it was all cool.

So yesterday, when it was almost 5 o'clock the big cheese comes into our room (I share it with 3 other women) and invites me over to the circuit on sunday to ride in his racecar and see how it "works". He said he'll pay for my fare so I don't have to worry about a thing. He didn't ask the other co-workers so they were like, "Nigga whut???". No one else has ever had this invitation, especially not after only working there for 1,5 month. I asked him if I could take someone with me and he hestitated for a moment and said he isn't gonna pay for that person. I told him that's ok, as long as we both can enter the premises.

So I'm gonna take B with me. Although I find it very nice of him to ask me, and it makes me feel a tad bit special that he asked me only, I also don't know what to think of it. I do know as the young woman that I am, I shouldn't be naive. So, I'm taking B and if he's not this nice to me anymore after that, then he's a wanker.

Am I paranoid? I don't know. But I do know that when things seem too good to be true, chances are, they are indeed.

I also know that there's always gossip and I'm already the odd one out at this point. B says I shouldn't worry about those people because I don't need them. They're not the one's who are going to help me get further in life. And he's right. But I don't want to be seen as someone who sucks up to the big boss. People like that suck!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We did an excercise in yogaclass yesterday where we shut our eyes for a moment. My teacher told me 70 per cent of the energy we lose, we lose through the eyes. And now, whenever I can shut them, I shut them. It's like I'm constantly aware of my energy. I don't want to waste it, man.


Material mofo
Monday, May 19, 2008

You know what I hate about myself? That I'm so DAMN super-fuckin-ficial. I know this and yet this song of mine, remains the same.


Don't let society get you
Sunday, May 18, 2008

On saturday B and I went to an exhibition. It's called the Ninth Floor and the artist photographed a bunch of people who were living in a Manhattan appartment and whose lives revolves around shooting up, getting down and being hungover, and then trying to get some more money to begin all over again. It was impressive, it really got to me.

You also saw a couple, (the girl pictured above) who moved out of the appartment and got a child. The child was soooo cute! The baby went on an opium program to wean her off of the heroin and I got the impression she was very healthy. They lived like a 'normal' family with a house and stuff, although neither of them had a job. The guy was applying to go to school again and in an interview you heard him say that he was so happy and the "People are inherently good. All the bad is learned later on, 'cause there is nothing evil in my little girl".

And I think he's right. I hope they are doing well.


Toys for boys

I got an IM from my stepbrother (who lives across the globe) that he wants to know what these babies cost:

In other words: "Can I have one, pretty pretty please??"
I get him presents occasionally, soccer shoes, of some money or a cd...but this is gonna cost me!
I have a nephew (who lives out here) who's in his final year of high school. I already made up my mind that if he graduates, he can come pick out a nice present, a watch or a new outfit or a video game console. And I kind of forgot about my stepbrother. So, is blood really thicker than water???


The smell of new books always makes me happy
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I have not been reading as much as I did when I was at uni... I make time for reading blogs and stuff but before you know it, it's 2300 again and it's time to hit the sack. But I miss it and I'm going to get back on reading my books regularly, like I did all my non-working life.


Rant alert!
Monday, May 12, 2008

O wow, I was so full of hope and joy when I wrote the blog entry before this one!

Little did I know that B would lose his snooker tournament, be done with it at 2 pm and then expect me to just cancel all my plans with my friends and go meet him and his foul mood. I really did understand him because we hadn't seen eachother for almost a week (in which I had the gynaecologists appointment that he wasn't able to come to) and we both had missed one another very much. But I'm not the kind of girl who just bails on her friends the minute her boyfriend decides he has time for her. I did invited him to come to the beach and hang out with me and my friends, go on a boat trip and to go with me after that to the little barbeque party but he declined both times. He wanted to spend time with me alone. Pfffff.... the way his mind works really exhausts me sometimes.

In the end we met up after the barbeque, having no fun at all together. It really sucks. And it was Mother's day yesterday so I waved goodbye to my granny at the airport, had a family barbeque in the afternoon and we went to see B's mom in the evening. We are still together but not really feelin' it. It's a shame.

I did spend the night at his house and found out this morning that he had locked me in!!! Aaargh! I had to jump through the window and leave it unlocked. I called his Dad and asked him to go over and lock it for me. I am not happy...

EDIT: He didn't lock me in on purpose! That would really be the end of our courtship;-)


Quack quack quack
Saturday, May 10, 2008

I went to see my gynaecologist this week. I got a vaginal echoscopy with an instrument that looked exactly like this :

I found out that I look like a chicken on the inside: I've got lots and lots of eggs in there. He told me everything seemed perfectly normal, that he couldn't say for a 100% but I could rest assure. So that was great!
Is it insane that I think my gynaecologist was sort of hot? He was old, wise yet cheeky. I'm a sucker for those men. Still, it was a very abnormal feeling that a guy I've never met before starts looking into my box with a cake-making-thingy. Ugh.

It's beautiful weather out here, 26 degrees Celcius!! Finally summer has arrived. I'm gonna hit the beach with a few girlfriends (fo sho!), Marianne's boyfriend just called me to go sailing (maybe, if the other girls are up for that), and I'm gonna have barbecue dinner at another girlfriend's place tonight... plus I'm meeting B (who's playing a snooker championship) later today. Life is good.

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The edge is nowhere to be found...
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I don't know whose idea it was to put this pic on the cover of Rolling Stone but it makes me wanna roll up an issue of the magazine and hit him/her in the head with it. WTF?!


Nothing to say...
Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm working, hanging out with B/friends/family. I'm a bit tired and I'm just chilling at home. I have nothing to blog about. I am gonna say that I love Tom Cruise, even though (or maybe because) he is a bit of a freak.

Happy anniversary ole' chap!


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