Girls and their mothers
Monday, April 14, 2008

I just got home from yoga. It's fun! It feels good! I'm stretched out but not in a pushy way and I like that a lot. I don't like being shoved.

When I got home, I saw that Cris' mom had called me. Cris and I go way back, and I know her mom pretty well. And she does not call me for no reason. So I called her back and she was a bit drunk and told me she worries a lot about Cris and she cried because she saw a tv-show yesterday about grown-ups who got bullied when they were little and the impact it still had on their whole adult life. And Cris got teased when she was little. I'm ashamed to admit it but I've teased her too when we were 12/13 years old.

Cris is going a bit crazy these days with one boyfriend, one fuckfriend plus she slept with Emily's friend with benefits. She was boycrazy when we were like 16-20 y/o and then she mellowed out a bit and now she's back at it again. She fell off the wagon.

So there were a bit too much players in that particular field. Emily was pretty mad at her, 'cause it's an unwritten rule in our she-unit; you're forbidden to screw your best friend's squeeze. Even if the girl's not that interested, you stay out of eachother's business, plain and simple. But Cris has issues with self-esteem and she needs boys to make her feel good about herself. She's the kind of girl who laughs obnoxiously harder, opens up a few buttons and acts dumb when a guy walks into the room. And she's a pretty and nice girl, so she doesn't have to do that but she does. And she attracts the wrong crowd in doing that.

It was weird to talk about one of my best friends with their mom. I told her Cris is a lot stronger than we (and she) thinks and that it's not like when we were younger. She knows that she's not being smart and fucking boys is never the solution. But sometimes you forget and sometimes you want to forget, I guess. The play we went to this weekend had a very good line in it, it went: "Just write that it'll all be alright....just write that it'll all be alright...just write that it'll all be alright" His voice faded and it was beautiful. It's how I feel.


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Dennis prefers the "Stay at Home and snuggle on the Sofa" type of girl. Dennis needs massive amounts of attention at a second's notice.

April 15, 2008 at 7:40 AM 

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