Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have never enjoyed my weekends better than at this point in my life. Your weekends are so much more appreciated when you actually have to work during the week instead of sleeping in, skipping classes and run around with you friends/boyfriend. I love it!

I went to sleep over a Emily's on friday. We planned to eat magic mushrooms for the last time because our government is planning on illegalizing them. But the store was closed so we just had drinks, ate some pretty good finger food and saw two movies: Mr. Brooks (an original story, good, natural acting and just a total suprise 'cause I'm not particularly fond of Kevin Costner) and Vacancy, with Kate Beckinsale and one of the Wilson brothers (you know, with the noses) which was also a suprisingly thrilling movie. I felt my heart beating in my neck, and during some scenes I covered my eyes with my pillow. So I say go see both!

Yesterday B and I went to a play, Frankenstein. It was performed by one my favourite theatrical companies, and it was a good play, but not their best. The leader of the group is this older gentleman (50 y/o) who just totally rocks. He's so smart and wise and self assured. Once in a while I see/meet an older man who has a certain confidence that is sooo appealing to me. The fact that I feel this way about a guy I've only seen on stage and whose company was founded a year before I was born, is very silly, I know. But I don't care:-D

B and I had a great night, first sushi, then the play, drinks after that and a very pleasurable night at B's place. I'm very happy, right about now.

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