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Sunday, March 9, 2008

I had a very slow weekend together with B. We talked, ate, slept and watched The Kite runner, which was good but not as ground moving for me as for other's. And we watched Juno 'cause B hadn't seen it yet, and it was fun. But you know how some movies you see for the second (or thirtieth time) tend to be just as cool or even cooler than the first time you saw them? Like Donnie Darko was for me? Or West Side Story? Juno is definitely not in that category for me, although I still love it.

I told my mom I'd start to pay my own insurance and taxes when I graduated. So now I'm there. I'm opening bills I always handed over to mom, unopened. And let me tell you, being a grown up isn't doing my wallet any favors. So to save some money, we stayed in this weekend. I also watched two episodes of October Road (it's getting a bit boring but I'm still hanging in there) and a few episodes of Weeds. LOVE IT! There's always exciting stuff going on and the dialogues are good. Snoop Dogg made a cameo-appearance so now their street cred's way up there.

B and I met up after work on friday at a pub to drink some wine with some olives and old cheese. That gave us a light buzz so we went out for Mexican food. It was a great way to start the lazy weekend. And this afternoon we went to the arcade, I loooooooooooove House of the Dead part 4!!! I love shooting! I love playing air hockey too but it's a difficult game for me so after one game I'm usually done with it.

The formal bossman called last friday. They want to see me next thursday to meet the big cheese aka the CEO aka the man who founded the company. I really thought going in three times is a bit much but my manager at the place I'm working now says it's normal and that it's a good sign. I've also been offered a one-year contract at the firm I'm working at now. I said I'd think about it. I want to see how this formal gig turns out. I have to say it's a good feeling to be wanted in the corporate world!

B and I are doing good too! We looked online at houses this weekend, and it's nice to talk about what we want and don't want. It's a slow process but things might speed up like a motherfucker in no time. That's how life has been, so far.

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