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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Isn't life great? I like the job so far. I've got a lot of stuff to do; it keeps me busy and I get a paycheck. Plus it looks pretty good on my resume. I've even been asked to play in the company's hockey team (haha) but I think I'm gonna watch how this whole work-thing unfolds, first.

B and I don't do Valentine's day so I went to dinner at an Italian fast food restaurant, saw the movie "Juno" and had beers with Martin, my pal. Valentine's day isn't all that big here, nobody I know sends cards and stuff. I checked with B if he was ok with it, of course. Juno is a GREAT MOVIE!!! It's about this 16-year old feisty chick who gets pregnant. The dialogues are hilarious and the acting is magnificant. I love Ellen Page and Michael Cera in this movie! I say go see!!

And yesterday B and I went out on a date, we went to see the play "As you like it" by Shakespeare. It was great: very good texts and dialogue (but what do you expect from the (ass-) master), raw scenes, music as loud as a muhafucka and stuffed and living chickens. One rooster was very aggressive towards a stuffed one and tried to pick a fight with it, which was very amusing. The only thing that's a shame is that there were no young people in the audience, the average age was 60. Out here people who are 20-35 years old don't go to plays much and it makes me sad to think that when these oldies die, in say 20 years, the theatres will be empty. Or do you think the youngsters from now will develop a strong taste for theatre by the time they hit 50?

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Blogger Ms. Wollstonecraft had this to say:

Juno is a movie I plan to see--

It is difficult to get young friends to enjoy Shakespeare.
I took two friends to see As You Like It 10 years ago. I had given each a little Folger Library paperback of the play weeks beforehand--as a gift, encouraging them to read the play first so they would get into the language and jokes when they saw the play.

The friend who read the play enjoyed the performance immensely and got every joke, the friend who did not sat bored through a good half of the play--she didn't know why we were laughing and gave up trying to pay attention. Afterwards she admitted she should have read the play first--she didn't because she thought it might spoil the experience for her.

(that would be like thinking reading Emma by Jane Austen would spoil the experience of seeing the film 'Clueless' -- which was an adorable film--and the viewing was totally enhanced if you had read the Austen book!)

Don't worry about Montblanc, he is in love with himself, with the rest of the world he is flirty . He wants to be close pals with the faculty and students. He mentioned that you were his favorite student--he likes smart people.

February 16, 2008 at 7:04 AM 

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