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Friday, February 29, 2008

The job interview went ok, I guess. The man talked and talked for 1,5 hours straight, so my ears had it pretty rough. At the end of the interview I had to look at ten sentences with lots of grammar and spelling errors in them and get those suckers out. Well, I've been very good with words for as long as I can remember but I totally flunked the test. There were 23 (!!!) errors and I only identified and revised 10 of them. The man was pretty positive though, he said something about nerves and that it was a pretty abnormally high concentration of incorrect spelling/grammar. I suppose he didn't want me to feel stupid or something. But, of course, I did because I am.

Anyways, I have the feeling he liked me because I have to get back there on tuesday. There are a few buts in this whole ordeal. For one thing, the office building is so absolutely un-inspiring, both inside and outside that I can't see my colorful (u-huh)self workin' there. Second of all, I think maybe it's too formal a place for me to work. I asked the mister (he kept calling me mrs., and I didn't dare to tell him not to) if there were any more young people working there and his first reaction was: "Is that important?". Uhm.. yeah? He told me there are a lot of people who are my age and some who are younger even and that he's the oldest man on the team. Of course, I have loads of friends who are older and we get along great but I do appreciate my peers. They're light.

So now I'm home on friday night, I'm a lot more tired at night than I ever was when I was a student. Back then I went to bed at 1 am and just caught some Zzz's on the train to uni or at the library. Now I go to bed around 22:15 because I have to be fresh from 9 to 5! I always knew I was gonna miss being a student and now, after only 2 weeks of working 36 hours a week I already do. And to think I have to keep this up until I'm 65!

B and I are on a break this week. He was driving me crazy again, and I'm still not sure about the whole living together in the near future-plan. I'm all for taking it slow but after five years of maintaining the status quo something's gotta give, apparently. It ain't my idea of fun, I can tell you that! But I guess that's how life as an "adult" is. I texted Sandy, I haven't seen her in ages and she was on a break with her bf too! What a coincidence! Or maybe girls/women these days are just too difficult for men to be with. Or maybe boys are just morons. Or both.

We're meeting next week for dinner and we'll wait and see if we're up for taking our bf's with us.

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Blogger dennis had this to say:

Dennis says that it sounds like an uptight place to work-- Dennis doesn't like uptight places.

March 2, 2008 at 6:51 AM 

Blogger Bob Dylan had this to say:

We boys are morons--I just try to obey the woman--but even that doesn't really work out.

March 2, 2008 at 3:36 PM 

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