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Thursday, January 31, 2008

... they don't eat whole wheat or whole grain bread in the three countries in Asia I've visited. Or maybe they do and the bakeries are kept a big-ass secret 'cause I couldn't find it anywhere. All they have is this white bread made with water and no milk so you feel empty after ten minutes. My bowels are still not feeling the way they're supposed to be feeling.

...Asian women want to be as white as possible. They have aisles and aisles of whitening products at the drugstores over there. You can definitely see who uses them 'cause they have this radio-active glow on their faces that looks like it's iced with a thick layer of gellack. It's so unnatural, it's haunting. Michael Jackon's got nothing on those Asian chicks.
Even if it's 30 celcius they put on hats, shawls, coats, wool mittens (!!!), socks and shoes just because they don't want a suntan. In Saigon it's in style to wear those long synthetic gala gown gloves. I guess their aim is to be as white as the bread over there.

...there is no old-people's dole in Vietnam. The streets are filled with women, about the same age as my great-grandmother who work their bony asses off, day in, day out. Selling bananas, cigarettes, souvenirs and the most heart-breaking of all: collecting garbage. My granny's sure had a tough life in their own way but they are/were always well taken care of.

...in Vietnam you're considered beautiful when you have really long, nicely filed fingernails. Out here that's also considered beautiful except there it counts as a male-ideal too! Icky.

...the workers at the Mango Bay resort we went to on Phu Quoc worked 7 days a week for ten months a year and make a 100 bucks a month. They were friendly, but looked very tired and every time we ordered something went wrong..they forgot everything. They're not stupid, they're just very much overworked.

I understand that no culture is better than another. We're just brought up on different parts of the world and that makes us do things differently. I'm glad we made this trip and it was the first time I left the safety of my own world. Yes, we take a vacation every year but Europe and South America where lots of my relatives live is soooo darn safe and comfortable. And going on fixed tours like my mom or the in-laws do is so much different than this backpacking thing. I was lucky and happy to be with B though, 'cause in the end my pack weighed 7 kilos whereas his weighed 27 kilos. I'm always too ashamed to write that down. Almost.

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Blogger d. chedwick bryant had this to say:

that is pretty amazing-- why on earth would they go the Michael jackson route? Makeup like icing I am picturing and it seems like a lot of work to look totally fake--it just goes to show what cultural differences there are out there. I had no idea---you learn something new every day...if you read blogs, that is...

did you at least buy a funny hat?

January 31, 2008 at 9:27 AM 

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