She's pregnant!! Yay!
Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm sure they'll have wonderful kiddies! I loooove babies.


Did you know that ...

... they don't eat whole wheat or whole grain bread in the three countries in Asia I've visited. Or maybe they do and the bakeries are kept a big-ass secret 'cause I couldn't find it anywhere. All they have is this white bread made with water and no milk so you feel empty after ten minutes. My bowels are still not feeling the way they're supposed to be feeling.

...Asian women want to be as white as possible. They have aisles and aisles of whitening products at the drugstores over there. You can definitely see who uses them 'cause they have this radio-active glow on their faces that looks like it's iced with a thick layer of gellack. It's so unnatural, it's haunting. Michael Jackon's got nothing on those Asian chicks.
Even if it's 30 celcius they put on hats, shawls, coats, wool mittens (!!!), socks and shoes just because they don't want a suntan. In Saigon it's in style to wear those long synthetic gala gown gloves. I guess their aim is to be as white as the bread over there.

...there is no old-people's dole in Vietnam. The streets are filled with women, about the same age as my great-grandmother who work their bony asses off, day in, day out. Selling bananas, cigarettes, souvenirs and the most heart-breaking of all: collecting garbage. My granny's sure had a tough life in their own way but they are/were always well taken care of. Vietnam you're considered beautiful when you have really long, nicely filed fingernails. Out here that's also considered beautiful except there it counts as a male-ideal too! Icky.

...the workers at the Mango Bay resort we went to on Phu Quoc worked 7 days a week for ten months a year and make a 100 bucks a month. They were friendly, but looked very tired and every time we ordered something went wrong..they forgot everything. They're not stupid, they're just very much overworked.

I understand that no culture is better than another. We're just brought up on different parts of the world and that makes us do things differently. I'm glad we made this trip and it was the first time I left the safety of my own world. Yes, we take a vacation every year but Europe and South America where lots of my relatives live is soooo darn safe and comfortable. And going on fixed tours like my mom or the in-laws do is so much different than this backpacking thing. I was lucky and happy to be with B though, 'cause in the end my pack weighed 7 kilos whereas his weighed 27 kilos. I'm always too ashamed to write that down. Almost.

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Negative blabber alert, just needed to vent. Optimistic post coming soon
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am home. And I must say it's great to be back! It has been a great adventure, just B and I, him and me against the world. Or the Asian continent, to be exact.

I've never put a photo of myself online but some of you may know I have an Asian appearance. This was, however, the first time I ever set foot on that part of the world because my parents were born in South America. Nobody knows fo' sho sure but we are said to have Indonesian, Dutch, Chinese, Native American and Moluccan blood. I was born in Europe and I always felt right at home. I really think we've reached a very high level of equality out here. I've never been to North America, Australia or Africa so I don't know about that but I've been to Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia this vacation and it's a whole different kettle of fish out there.

B is a 6 feet tall, 195 pounds heavy white dude. I am a 5 foot 1 inch (that inch makes a world of difference;-), 97 pounds heavy, lil' brown thang. Let me tell you, Asia sure is not ready for a couple like us! People were gawking at me everywhere we went! And not just looking like you do when someone has an eccentric outfit or something like that but really impolite, long stares. I read in the Lonely Planet that Asian women are perceived as prostitutes when they travel with a caucasian partner in Asia. But it also said that it was better now that they got more used to seeing couples like us but it was way worse than I thought or hoped.

People stopped walking just to stare at me. One time in Bangkok we were eating and three waitresses stood behind B, about 4 feet from him and just stared at me the whole entire meal. We confronted a group of young people who were exceptionally rude and asked them why they looked at me like that but they didn't answer us, all they could give us were these stupid, empty expressions on their faces.

The first few weeks I had lots of fighting spirit and we talked about it and it was like, "I don't care if you think I'm a whore, I have worked stupid office jobs and saved for a whole year for this vacation and B and I are splitting the costs 50/50, and you Asians are just really short-sighted and stupid, and I pity you because the power of equality is nowhere near ours, so up yours!". But after 3 weeks of not being treated like the (foul-mouthed) lady that I am, like I'm used to in the beloved EU, I got really homesick. It feels so unreal to be discriminated against in a country where people look a lot like you and be fully accepted by people whose physical properties are the exact opposite of yours.

B was treated like a king, because white equals money to them. I can't even count the times we were ripped off, they were so many. One time we wanted to get on a night bus, and we had to buy an extra ticket for B's bag, because they said it was too big. Hello? Everybody had bags like us! I understand because the people who work non-educated jobs make around 100 dollars a month. And they see the tourists who make far more than that and figure we can spare it. We can, of course, but it's really sour when a bartender who's very nice to you and you think he's your friend just rips you off.

This is a very negative post, our vacation had lots of good, fine, wonderful elements in it, but that can not be described with words. You have to see the 10 million pictures we took, the nature on that continent is amazingly beautiful. But B has our camera, so they'll be coming very soon. Of course we also met really nice Asian people, but I wish we'd met more of them.

So now I'm back. I have no job (this pattern is killing me:o) and no student loan. I contacted a few temp agencies already today and I'm sure there's another job just around the corner. Next monday is my last meeting at the faculty, I'm very looking forward to that.

It feels like a little piece of heaven here in my own home, my own town. I spent the evening with my Dad, who's leaving again for a few months. I was very happy to hug him again and I really can't wait to meet up with my friends. It's 5:04 AM right now, so I'd better hit the sack.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm chilling on a little tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand right now. It has been a exciting trip so far and we still have one week to go. Alas, somesickness struck me too but I'm alright now.
I can't see my blog out here but apparently Ched can see it (thanks for the comment:-) so I'm happy nothing's wrong with it.

I have lots of cool and hot pictures, so when I get back I'll put them online.
Hope you're having a good time, wherever you are!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

testing mofo

This is me. 32-year old, mother of 1 and living in Europe. Going through life with one hell of a man, lots of love for my family and a pretty tight circle of mismatched friends. Very self-confident even though I don't know what the fuck I'm doing! (more)