Grumpy girlfriends and the best present!!!
Sunday, December 23, 2007

Went out for drinks yesterday night. Emily has stopped smoking reefers and one of the results is that she's got her chagrin on. Ugh. She said to me (out of nowhere!:
Emily: "I find it suspicious that you're always in a relationship"
me (baffled and sort of jokingly): "Yep, I can't be alone"
Emily: "I'm not judging you but you are always in a relationship"
me: "Why would you judge me, I'm happy"

Nigga whut? I kept being nice after this because I understand where she's coming from but djeez. Act normal, will ya?!

It was a nice night altogether and Crissy and I finished by eating large quantities of croque monsieur at 4 am. We had great conversation and I spent the night on her couch. I love my friends! Even though they can be grumpy ond act weird when they're trying to lay off the yayo.

I got this amazing present from B for finalizing my thesis: an IPOD!!!! I've wanted one for such a long time but for some reason I kept buying clothes when I had money to spend. When he gave it to me I couldn't take it home 'cause he still had to put music on it for us to listen to when we're on vacation. So in a short while I can listen to every tune I like at all times!!

I'm still in my robe with my hair all wet so I have to get a move on, I'm gonna have dinner at Karolyn's place. I hope y'all have a nice weekend!

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