My honesty policy doesn't always count
Monday, November 5, 2007

Working on that damn thesis again. I have to turn a rewritten chapter in by tomorrow and I am gonna make that deadline, I'm tellin' ya.

Last week was my last workday at my temp job. I had only been working there for 4 months but I really digged one of my co-workers, a woman named Marianne. I wrote about her here, if you wanna read about her. I'm gonna miss her but we exchanged adresses and stuff and we both want to keep in touch. But you know how these things go, when I left the temp job before this one I was in the exact same position (although I liked that girl not as much as this one) and I was supposed to email her so we could hang out but I never did. So we'll see how this goes.

Anyway, this was what I got as a goodbye present:

Cool huh? I can sense that you're jealous! (or wondering what the hell it is) Well, it's a dog that uses his tongue to clean your computer-screen! Lickity lick, isn't this the mothafuckin' bomb?
I also got 30 dollars. I'm still thinking about what I'm gonna invest that in.

I have an appointment at another temp agency this afternoon. I told my regular one that I can only work until the end of december which resulted in zero job offers because of that short term. So much for being honest!! I'm gonna go to this new agency now and tell them nothing/zip/nada/jackshit about our vacation plans. I really hate lying but honesty can bite you in the ass, just as(s) hard as lies can.



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