Goulash and good conversation
Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chuck came to dinner yesterday. Well, he did came over to have dinner, but the thing is, he had to cook it first! That's how we roll, when he's coming over I get the groceries and he does the cooking. During the process of making goulash (have you had it?? It's great winter-comfort-food) we talk endlessly and I love that. He brought us dessert too, home-made pie from his own restaurant that he had to sneak out that morning 'cause his businesspartner is such a cheap-ass mofo.

We talked about love. He's not getting anywhere with that and I suspect it's because he still hasn't fixed his damn tooth!!! Who's gonna date a guy who misses a tooth? But he's not listening to me although it's the first thing I asked him when he came in: "Did you get your tooth fixed???". Maybe I should try different tactics 'cause this antagonizer-mode sure ain't working.

Anyways, he knows me from back in the day when I was 16 so he knows my ways of dealing with relationships. He was totally upfront when he told me I'm being just too damn difficult and it's my own doing. I know! But how do you change how you've programmed yourself? How do I reset? I'm not even sure if I really, really, really, really want too.

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