It's a girl!
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Isn't this the cutest picture! I love babies!


Sista, my sista

I only have one brother. He's two years older than me. We don't really hang out together or anything but I can always (and I always do!) call him when I need him. Last week I called him to ask if he thinks our Dad still has size M or grown into a size L already. You know, stupid shit like that.

When I was little I always thought that I'd be best friends with my brother's future wife/girlfriend. I also thought that the sister of my husband/boyfriend would be my best friend too. I really coveted a big sister back then and I figured that I'd have two in the future. It was just a matter of time. But now, though I get along with B's sister and with my brother's girl, we will abso-fuckin'-lutely never go out shopping or having drinks together! We don't have the same sense of humour, we don't have "kinda" the same outlooks on life, we don't have the same bad taste in gossip. Too bad, eh?

But I'm lucky to have such great girlfriends. Karolyn called me this morning and she invited me over to her place for Christmas. B and I have our family obligations but maybe we'll change them. We talked about the future and if I turned out to be an old spinster I'd be hanging out at their house for Christmas every year. She said: "Yeah, you'll be the aunts of my kids for real!". Guess I did find those sisters after all...

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Dying do you mind
Monday, November 26, 2007

This was a very busy weekend with barhopping on friday, birthdaycelebrationg and clubbing on saturday and watching Reign over me with B. It was a beautiful movie about Charlie who has lost his three daughters and his wife in a plane crash. I didn't understand it was the 9-11 crash until I read about the movie, I'm so stupid!

B cried. He's not one to cry easily but his best friend went into a coma for no apparent reason 6 years ago at age 24 and never got out of it. I don't know how it feels to have a friend who's dead. He also lost a friend to lungcancer and one friend had his head cut off. Just goes to show it's definitely not a good idea to hang out with drugdealers.

I called in sick today because my belly and lower back really hurt. I got some test results back this morning and the dr. says everything looks a-ok.

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Meeting Mrs. Psycho
Friday, November 23, 2007

I was really scared today. I took the tram home from central station after work. When I walked out of the tram I saw an old woman (like, 75 years old) standing on the other side of the street. She had no coat on, only a skirt and a sweater which was odd since it's shawl-wearing season and I aint no sissy. Anyways, when the light turned green she didn't cross the street which was pretty weird too. She approached me and asked if she could ask me something in this really childish, broken voice that made sure I felt sorry for her.

She started telling me about her purse that had been stolen yesterday and that she went to the police and that they, naturally (her words!!), didn't do anything and now she had nothing and if I could please give her five bucks. When she was talking I looked at her teeth. They were deep-yellow mixed with orange and her old, blue veined hands had thick tobacco stains on them. Her eyes looked so lonely. When she asked for the money I was taken aback right away. I don't like beggars. But when she went on to tell me how she didn't have anything and how she wanted to buy some canned food for her cats. I didn't know what got into me but I reached for my wallet and I gave her the money. When I handed the money over her facial expression changed immediately from helpless to rock hard and she thanked me with the exact same, cold voice Linda Blair had in The exorcist.

I skipped and hauled ass out of there. I get the chills just writing this. Forget being afraid of scary men in the middle of the night, I'm scared shitless by an old schizophrenic grandma in broad daylight. I sure hope she doesn't know where I live.


plastic yet still fantastic

B's dad turned 58 yesterday. They didn't really celebrated it, because his mom has had a facelift last tuesday. Her face was really tight; she had this perpetuate pokerface on. Very weird. But I still love her, even with her face- and eyelift and the fake boobies.

I'm gonna work at my thesis a little bit and then go out for drinks with a few girlfriends of mine. They've planned some recreational drug use but I'm not gonna join them... I have lots of schoolwork to do this weekend plus the birthday/farewell party of my best friend in junior high who's moving to the carribean. I wanna feel good this weekend and the days after that!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Remember when I told you last week that I wasn't feeling as much as I thought I would from the morning after pill? Well, I have terrible lower back pains and tummy pains. This sucks.

My Dad came back this monday. He was visiting his motherland. Well, actually he remigrated 1,5 year ago but he didn't like it and came back. He plans to go back and forth for the time being.
I'm glad he's back!


No title
Sunday, November 18, 2007

This was a very nice weekend (once again). Gotta hold on to this feeling tomorrow morning when I'm getting ready for work!

I had dinner at Karolyn's with Marianne and another girlfriend of K's on friday. It was really nice. Karolyn has changed a lot since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and that's really sad. She's become a bit bitter and insecure. Everybody has their insecure moments but she'd dyed her hair white/blonde shortly after they had broken up and had cut and dyed it brown again last week. She cried because she's scared that she won't have as much male attention anymore. Nigga whut?!?!
If a guy's cool he will see your beauty, no matter what color your hair is. If he doesn't give you the time of day if you're a brunette than he isn't worth a damn!

It's really weird because I always notice that my pretty girlfriends get more attention than the less pretty ones. Regardless of the color of their hair. But that's apparently not the case at all times. I spent the night at her place and we talked for hours! It felt like we were 13 again!

Yesterday B and I got our shop on. We both needed shoes and he went for sneakers, as usual.
I bought these beauties:

I know, I know, I have to clean my time for housekeeping this weekend, oops.

I had 300+ dollar store credit at a store I never buy shoes at and what do you know... they had these! Just my luck! And they were not as expensive so I got some money back. Yay!!! We went out for sushi and the waitresses made a mistake so we got a big ass discount. So that was all very nice.

Today we went to a motorrace on the beach. It was ok, but not as exciting as I'd imagined. Those motorbikes and riders are really flexible yet sturdy so they were up for any sandy challenge.

Sleep tight.

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A little bit too personal but still
Thursday, November 15, 2007

I (well actually, B and I) made a mistake yesterday and I had to fix it by taking a morning-after pill. I don't believe it's murder but I do feel a bit weird about it. I don't wanna get into the ethics. I hung out at home all day today and felt a bit queasy but not too much. I didn't throw up or anything. I'm contemplating birth control again but I really don't wanna take any birth control pills anymore. I seriously do not want to insert anything (other than B) so diaphragms, spirals or nuva-rings are out of the question.

Guess there's nothing more to do than take a nice not-too shower and fix me some warm milk with anise. And be more careful with those connies.

Oh and Ched, Cris isn't gonna be hooking up with that snake anytime soon. I asked her about it today and she told me she doesn't want it because of the whole mouse-feeding routine and also it'll only cost her money anyway plus she takes care of people at her job the whole day and doesn't really want do anything while at home. This whole ordeal has gone down in a true ganja smokin' way!

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The perfect fall show
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watched the pilot of October Road yesterday. It doesn't seem to be the kind of show where lots and lots of weird things happen, like Desperate Housewives, but it's rather nice and slow. I like it. There are no other tv-shows that I really like, I watch DH but B always downloads them so I'm always at his place when we put it on. So now I have a new show I can watch on a tuesday evening when I'm ditching my schoolwork and make some hot chocolate for myself. And yes, I'm not afraid to admit that I dig the looks on that main character. Don't know where they got him (never ever heard of him before) but I say: keep 'em coming! The episodes, I mean.

Oh, I got an email from my prof. The thesis is looking well and he's urging me to present my final cut. If it's good enough he's gonna send it to another prof, my 2nd reader. I wrote him back that I really needed to see him one more time before anyone else can read it. You know, I totally need his eternal wisdom to guide me through the last finishing touches. I can almost see the end of the line! Yay!

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I'm in awe
Monday, November 12, 2007

I watched a documentary about the holocaust this evening. There was one woman whose father had been killed by the nazi's. She said that in the late 30's/early 40's friends of her father's told him he had to flee the country before it was too late. He didn't leave because he had too much faith in humanity. He'd rather have his trust betrayed than live without trusting other people. That is beautiful, it would be really hard for me to think that way.

My first day at work was ok. My co-workers are all young, that's nice. And nobody stinks so that's a big plus:-D
But I'm glad I'll be out of there in 7 weeks. 7 Weeks y'all!


This was the best weekend I had in ages!
Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fridaynight I was supposed to pick up Kim after work for drinks. She works at a restaurant and Jean was there too (a girl I went to school with before I went to uni) so I went early and chatted with Jean the whole evening. She's just graduated and is going to visit her boyfriend in Australia for an undetermined period. We had a great time but I drank a bit too much wine and that made me a bit too foul mouthed. I can not help it, alcohol brings out the worst in me! But we still had a really good time.

When Kim was finally finished we went barhopping and we shared some secrets, just the three of us. I hadn't seen Kim in 3 months 'cause she has been travelling to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It was very good to see her and as usual we both had our share of warstories to tell. I'm embarrassed to admit most of them were boyfriend related. Oh well. I'm just very happy we can be honest with eachother. I don't have that trust with all of my girlfriends, and that's totally ok.

Saturday B and I spent a really loooong afternoon in a lovely little lunch-cafe with our Lonely Planet guide to Vietnam. We decided on our route, give or take because you never really know what you'll run into. But it feels great to have some idea of what we both want to do. We'll be leaving in less than 7 weeks! We also went to some stores to look at bagpacks, flashlights, mosquito repellent and pocketknives. It's half the fun!
We also watched Shrek 3. We had some pretty shitty weeks so it was great to spend some really nice quality time together, talking and reconnecting. I've said it before but I must say it again: making sure you're both happy in the relationship is tough.

So that was my weekend, I'm gonna hit the sack early so that I'm fresh for my first day at work tomorrow! I hope you had a good weekend too:-D

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If you see this pic...
Friday, November 9, 2007

... resist the urge to click. Because if you do you're setting yourself up for a disappointment.
Take it from a girl who's been there.


Everybody loves Mickey

Long, long, long, long time ago I saw the movie Barfly. I had a tv in my bedroom and it was way past my bedtime. I fell instantly in love with Mickey Rourke. Not long after that I saw the soft porn movie Wild Orchid and I was confused. Could I still love him after seeing that??
Today I was scanning some gossipsites and there he was again, in all of his botoxed glory. He was caught driving under influence and that reminded me of our Barfly days. I really do still love him, despite (or because?) of his weirdo ways.

On a different note, I had another job-interview today. It went quite well and I got the job. It's really confronting how you can get jobs by acting like a sensible, wholesome, smart girl and how you can be denied when you're just being your outspoken, feisty, honest self. I'm starting this monday.

I've been online shopping like a madman since I heard that I got the job. I have not one rational bone in my body.

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Snakes and ladders
Thursday, November 8, 2007

I went to get tickets for Alpha Blondy last monday with my pal Cris. We both have a discount card and since I'm going with my two uncles and B and a slight cashflow problem, I totally needed her to card with me. We went to have some Italian fast food (LOVE it, it's delicious, fast and healthy) and she told me she wanted to get a snake. WTF?! She went and looked at some snakes and the guy at the store told her, this snake is the best for beginners.

She'd have to feed him one living mouse a week. A WEEK!!! If she doesn't hook a guy quick I swear she's gonna go through with it too!


Goulash and good conversation

Chuck came to dinner yesterday. Well, he did came over to have dinner, but the thing is, he had to cook it first! That's how we roll, when he's coming over I get the groceries and he does the cooking. During the process of making goulash (have you had it?? It's great winter-comfort-food) we talk endlessly and I love that. He brought us dessert too, home-made pie from his own restaurant that he had to sneak out that morning 'cause his businesspartner is such a cheap-ass mofo.

We talked about love. He's not getting anywhere with that and I suspect it's because he still hasn't fixed his damn tooth!!! Who's gonna date a guy who misses a tooth? But he's not listening to me although it's the first thing I asked him when he came in: "Did you get your tooth fixed???". Maybe I should try different tactics 'cause this antagonizer-mode sure ain't working.

Anyways, he knows me from back in the day when I was 16 so he knows my ways of dealing with relationships. He was totally upfront when he told me I'm being just too damn difficult and it's my own doing. I know! But how do you change how you've programmed yourself? How do I reset? I'm not even sure if I really, really, really, really want too.

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Everly Bear. What a nice name!
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

He has such a cute little face! And look at his hand on his tiny tummy! Too cute:-D
It's the newborn son of Anthony Kiedis, singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers! After years and years of chasing girls, and gettin' into trouble, he finally settled down with his girlfriend and made a family. Yay!


Who cares about jobs
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sometimes I really like someone (and the way they look) from tv, for instance Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry (or Hairy Belly haha). Not that that's possible because I don't even know them, but please humor me. And then when I find out that they've had plastic surgery it's such a let down. It's like I'm disappointed in them which is a second impossibility 'cause I DON'T EVEN KNOW THEM!

I'm not afraid to admit I can be such a moron.
(The moron bit's a joke;-)


Monday, November 5, 2007

I finally found a foundation that suits my skin tone! I'm neither dark brown nor light yellow. Finding the right make-up's a real bitch. So I was really happy to find the Lancome Color Ideal Hydra Compact. If you apply it a few minutes after your daycream (not right away 'cause that makes it all streaky) the result is sensational. It just melts into you skin! My skin gets very easily irritated by just about anything (hands, B's scruffy stache, perfume, make-up) but this foundation does me nothing but good. Plus, it smells yummy!
I don't even have to use powder after, so goodbye dried-out-feeling in the morning:-)


My honesty policy doesn't always count

Working on that damn thesis again. I have to turn a rewritten chapter in by tomorrow and I am gonna make that deadline, I'm tellin' ya.

Last week was my last workday at my temp job. I had only been working there for 4 months but I really digged one of my co-workers, a woman named Marianne. I wrote about her here, if you wanna read about her. I'm gonna miss her but we exchanged adresses and stuff and we both want to keep in touch. But you know how these things go, when I left the temp job before this one I was in the exact same position (although I liked that girl not as much as this one) and I was supposed to email her so we could hang out but I never did. So we'll see how this goes.

Anyway, this was what I got as a goodbye present:

Cool huh? I can sense that you're jealous! (or wondering what the hell it is) Well, it's a dog that uses his tongue to clean your computer-screen! Lickity lick, isn't this the mothafuckin' bomb?
I also got 30 dollars. I'm still thinking about what I'm gonna invest that in.

I have an appointment at another temp agency this afternoon. I told my regular one that I can only work until the end of december which resulted in zero job offers because of that short term. So much for being honest!! I'm gonna go to this new agency now and tell them nothing/zip/nada/jackshit about our vacation plans. I really hate lying but honesty can bite you in the ass, just as(s) hard as lies can.


I don't think I'd named her
Sunday, November 4, 2007

When I was twelve I had an albino pet rat. She was really cool and sweet and very tame. I loved her! But I only had her for a week or something when I woke up to a cage filled with tiny pink worms. She had given birth! Turned out she had gotten pregnant by one of her brothers at the pet shop; EEEEEEEEWWW!!
When the little ones were bigger my Dad and I put them all in a box and let them go in the park. We kept only one.

I wonder what happened to the little ones? My rat died a year later.


Since I'm not really in the mood for writing about serious shit....
Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm gonna post some pics!

Don't you just love Kate Beckinsale's hair and dress in this picture? I don't neccesarily like her acting but I do love this style. I think I'm gonna print this out and have a dress like that made when I'm in Vietnam. I heard that there are some kickass sewing-people over there!

I can not believe they voted SJP least sexy female in some magazine... What's up with that? She's not 20 anymore but she has class and sass, what more do you need?!
I totally dig her style and I love the fact that she's getting older and is still on top of her game.

B got me her cd and I listen to it occasionally. I like it. I She seems sweet and honest and I'm pretty sure it's just a phase. I also can't stand that they're blaming her husband for everything that's happening...
She has a mind of her own, you know.


I have a lot of thoughts but I don't know how to put them out there. There's so much going on and I hope I'll get out of it in one piece.

Hey, but it's not all that bad. It's not like we're living in Afghanistan or something?!


This is me. 32-year old, mother of 1 and living in Europe. Going through life with one hell of a man, lots of love for my family and a pretty tight circle of mismatched friends. Very self-confident even though I don't know what the fuck I'm doing! (more)