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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sometimes I can be so easily irritated. I don't know why but if I'm around someone too much or for too long I really have to be by myself for a while. There's really no one else but B in my life who I can stand to be around for more than, let's say, 12 hours.
I don't know if that's normal. I don't know for sure if I care. I do think it's a good thing B's my favourite person to be around. Oh well...

It's 15:26 where I'm at. I just called Chuck, a friend of mine and he was still SLEEPING! And here I thought I was a heavy weight when sleeping was concerned.

I spent the night at Cris' house and we watched 1408, the scary movie with John Cusack. He has such a dog's face, not that he's ugly but he's a tad too droopy for my taste. It was ok, some really scary parts but in the end the scariness decreased. That pretty much sucked.

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Anonymous martoon had this to say:

Dontn worry your not alone there, sometimes I start snapping at people. When people used to stay over when I was a younger teen it would be fun for the first few hours then in the morning your like SUMONE PLEASE MAKE THEM LEAVE! THEY ARE DOING MY HEAD IN NOW!

Luckily im Okay now, dont know if the feeling is mutual if people spend to much time with me however.

I went to the cinema to see 1408 a few months ago, I hadnt seen the trailer but thought id go anyways as the adverts had been plastered all over the joint. I loved it - and did jump at a few bits, like when the person comes up behind him when he is at the window. Fright of my life - but then when i saw the trailer it gave most of that away. the end was a bit poo aswell - to many back and forths.

Wow - what a rambling... have a good day and a happy halloween!

October 28, 2007 at 8:41 AM 

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