Short and sweet
Sunday, September 2, 2007

Shopping, cooking, sleeping, birtdaypartying of B's 12 year old cousin.
That was my weekend.

Oh and B and I saw this movie on friday:

It was a pretty exciting thriller about a boy (that cute young dufus from 3rd Rock from the Sun) who was once a promising, popular hockey player but now suffers from memory loss due to a car crash. He was behind the weel and because of him two of his friends died, so he walks around with a big lump of guilt. Because he's mentally challenged he works as a cleaner at a bank during the nights. The villain, a former schoolmate, tries to lure him in a scheme to rob the bank he works at. The shit pretty much keeps hitting the fan from there on. Oh and his best friend's a blind guy named Lewis, who's played by Jeff Daniels. He kicks ass in this movie!
I say go see!

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