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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am back from Paris! We came home late last night, after a pretty long drive. But we made it home safe and I'm really tired right now. It was a lot of hard work during the day and after the fair closed at 7 pm we went out to dinner every night: I loved that! We had dinner with different people every night from Switzerland, England, Taiwan, China, Norway, Germany, South Africa and the US which I loved too... all those different backgrounds are so interesting.

The fair (Maison& Objet) was unbelievable, it was sooo big! I didn't even see most of the halls. And riding the subway in Paris is a crime. The smell is the worst, I don't even care about not sitting but can you imagine standing in a man's armpit that smells like he had his last shower right before christmas 2002?

I have to go school to copy some books but my body is too tired.

The fair in the morning. We had wonderful weather in Paris, I walked around in slippers all day, everyday.

Luxurious, expensive shit...

....but also a lot of kids' stuff!

Our hotel, small but pretty clean, was a 100 metre walk from Gare du Nord, which was great commute-wise but really noisy at night. My roommate slept with earplugs and a mask and still had trouble sleeping. I am so happy I'm such an easy sleeper :-D

I'm a little sad that my long summer vacation is over. Although I worked all the time, I didn't have to worry about school and that was the best part of it. We didn't have a real summer, it was rainy and not very sunny but I loved it anyway. And now Paris is over and I'll be in school 'till november 1st. I'm glad time goes by very fast because I need to go on vacation!


Blogger One Talent had this to say:

I'm happy for you for having such a great time in Paris!
You seem to always run into people with Body Odor problem, don't you? That's actually kind of funny. I've heard that the French don't bathe but never thought it was this bad!

September 13, 2007 at 8:09 AM 

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