What goes around comes around
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I had a fantastic day at the beach this sunday with Marianne. We chatted the whole day and in the end her boyfriend picked us up with his fabulous boat and we went to another part of the beach. But in the evening Crissy called me and she was crying over her 3 month-old boyfriend who has treated her like crap. I told her to come meet me and I'd listen and console her.
After talking for a while we saw her boyfriend walking past us...with a girl!!!

We saw with our own eyes that her boyfriend jumped into the ocean with this other girl and made out with her (all romantic and shit) in the sea. I advised Cris to throw his bag into the water, I figured it was the only way she could get a little bit of revenge. While she took his bag, his cellphone dropped out of it and a guy said "hey, you're losing a phone!" He thought it was our bag and our phone. So I took the phone and threw it in! It was the ultimate revenge. But when I found out that I'd lost my own wallet during that beautiful beach day I was less happy. Payback's a bitch, mofo!

I sure am glad that I'd spent all my money that day and I was sick of the wallet anyway. It was a black leather one. I think I'll go with a more uppity wallet this time around.

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