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Saturday, August 25, 2007

B and I went to the beach this afternoon, but unfortunately not in swimwear. The weather's too fucked for sunbathing. I really hate that I've spent so much money on two bathingsuits I've only worn one time each. I'm a retarded shopper. Like right now I'm trying to save some money for our vacation so I don't want to shop a lot and if I do it has to be something I really need or will use very often. Like cardigans, shoes or shirts. And what did I order this week? This dress:

It's not suitable for work nor is it good for this weather. I don't even find turtle necks that comfortable. Why am I such an irrational idiot? I also ordered a pair of boots, I hope they fit 'cause I really need new ones.

After the beach I went to my great grandma's for dinner. She was in Austria for three weeks, visiting her daughter. She's brought me a bag, I really love it! She pointed out to me (Like, four times! That old lady cracks me up!) that it has a zipper so it's pick-pocket-proof. She also told me I should take it with me when we go to Vietnam. I'll definitely do that. She really loves buying nice stuff for herself and other people. I guess my mom and I inherited the urge to shop from her. My grandma doesn't have this at all so I think it skipped a generation.

I am home alone tonight. Emily wanted to go out but I'm not in the mood and want to save money. So I guess I'm gonna lift some weights down stairs and B's coming to spend the night. We're in a good place right now, which I'm very grateful for.

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