Mixed feelings & tryin' to put the bad in a box or something...
Saturday, August 4, 2007

Have you ever had the feeling someone is holding out on something and you know something's up but that someone is never gonna tell you the truth so you'll never know for sure if your instincts are spot on?

It sucks, I tell ya!

On a lighter note: the party was so much fun! Lots of my friends were there, Emily (who's built like a giant) wanted to use some sort of chimney that went from the ground to the ceiling to do a pole dance. But with that amount of alcohol combined with that body her plan failed and the chimney broke loose!!! Everybody was looking at it like "How the hell did that happen??" and we're so lucky nobody got hurt! I laughed my ass off! After that lil' incident she accidentally slapped a girl across her face! It all sounds a bit harsh but it was veeeery fuckin' funny at the time;-)
We danced the night away and it was all good. We had very nice weather today but I was just too tired and hung over that I stayed in, did laundry and mellowed out. I'm going to the beach again tomorrow, yay!

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