It's not like someone died or anything...
Sunday, July 8, 2007

There's a big chance I won't be graduating this summer:-( I had focused solely on my thesis but I didn't forget we turned in a paper we had a 50% score for and we had to redo to get at least the 60% we needed to pass. Yesterday I heard we didn't pass. I emailed the professor that it's the last fuckin' credit I need and I'm already three quarters into my thesis. And I asked him if I could get another shot, but now an individual one. The girl I worked with wasn't going to graduate anyway 'cause didn't have enough credit and therefor wasn't so motivated. I didn't put that in the email, though;-)
This'll set me back for 2,5 or 5 months. So I'm gonna have to pay some more tuition (they do have a nice plan though) and it's just a whole lot of hassle I don't need. And the plan was to go to Paris to help with another design exhibition for ten days and if I have to go to school in September then that's out the door too.

It really sucks but I still have hope that the professor gives me another chance and if not, well then, there's nothing I can do about it. It's not like someone died or anything but it's fucked up anyway. Luckily I have a nice job, I've saved enough money to pay for my ticket to Vietnam and I have lots of fun events planned. Tonight, B, Ollie and I are going to an outdoor theatre festival and wednesday we're going to Belgium for 3 days. There's a jazz festival and we're going to go sightseeing. I also had a great weekend hanging out in the city and having dinner in nice restaurants with different groups of girlfriends, so that always lift my spirits up. There's gonna be a lot more where that came from! So I'm looking forward to everything life has to offer even if it's not all fun and games.

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